Monday, August 26, 2013

Pink Pantser Pet Peeving

Blazer: Triple Five Soul (thrifted)
 Boxy Top: Language (thrifted)
Raerback Under-tank: Sparkle and Fade (thrifted)
Wide Tassel Buckle Belt: River Island (old)
Trousers: Unionbay (eBay)

  I have a pet peeve. Clothing distributors often label their clothes obscure Pantone swatch colors, but if you search through a clothing aggregator, it mucks things up. If I'm looking for grey things while everything has names like "foggy dew" and "fossil", they don't turn up in the search. Maybe it's so you can look up the exact shades and they don't have to worry about photographing everything in white light, I dunno.

  So here's my idea: every item in this outfit is going to be labeled something totally useless and you can play along at home. Drop a link in the comments if you do a post like this and I'll post everybody's pics and links next week. Alternately you can pick any page or image you want from the 'net and write up some made-up color labels or text in comments. Everyone's welcome!

  Decidedly not my pet peeve is pink pants! I love them. I love them even better when they have ridiculous pockets and fit correctly. My last pair are only one for two, unfortunately. After losing a bunch of weight to school stress over 3 years, they fall down even when fastened and zipped. That's right, I get pantsed by my own pink pants, so I'm going to donate 'em.

  I'm super pleased with these, though! They're a lighter Grandma's bathroom décor shade than my old Guess pair, they have 7 pockets, and there are satin stripes down the sides. They also have little buckles at the waist so they can be taken in a little for a better fit. Love. Love love love.

  So I got replacement cargo pants, set out to create a new outfit around them, and... basically recreated the same thing I wore the last time I wore pink pants. I am so internally consistent I show up in my own Google image searches when I'm looking for outfit ideas*.

  I wanted the intellectual challenge of styling this thrifted Language shirt, featured here in albino blueberry. It's size large, and clearly designed to be boxy/slouchy, so it's essentially a smock:
  I suspect the previous owner was very busty, because there are two grommets punched in the shirt, so one can tie the sides back a bit for shaping:
  I don't have the goods to hold the shirt up in the same way, so I layered it over a thrifted Ron Paul colored Sparkle and Fade racerback tank top. Even after adding my wide tassel belt, I need to do something about the massive neck opening, because there was some Flashdance nonsense going on all afternoon. If I shrug, the shirt falls down**.

  Before I take a big ol' dart out of the back (and hem the bottom and the sleeves, who LIKES these like that? argh!) I thought I'd put my slouchy ragamuffin outfit up here for you wonderful readers to give me suggestions! You can use terms like 'fullback in the National Hobbit League', it's okay.

* This really happens.
** This also really happens.

  I'm really looking forward to reading your ridiculous color names!


  1. Top: Eye of Husky
    Tank: Ennui
    Pants: Lung
    Jacket: Detroit Skyline
    Belt: Absolute Zero

  2. Oh, ridiculous color had me laughing out loud! I think Citizen Rosebud has a knack for this kind of think, but I'll give it a whirl.

    Top: bruise blue
    Tank: cesspool
    Pants: pepto-bismol
    Jacket: caper green

  3. I will forever think of that color as "Cadet blue" and when I say that - I'm thinking of the crayon that 5 year old me did not understand what a "Cadet" (mentally say CAD-it) was and therefore had several very funny ideas about cabinets and cat-rabbid hybrids that were blue.

    My mother would call that shade of pink 'peptobismol pink', but I'm going for "fresh Caucasian undead". Too creepy? LOL, I should stop reading zombie things. ^_~

  4. Haha, I meant you guys could do one of your own outfits or an outfit picture from the Internet, but this works too. (: