Sunday, August 4, 2013

Plum, on the balcony, with the candlestick

  I don't think this one turned out.

  I've had this LUX blazer (thrifted) for a while, and I was going for another Ye Olde look because the cut reminded me a bit of a waistcoat, and maybe a bit of a bodice, with its wide collar opening. Also it has pockets. Important!
  I like the color and the material, but the fit is funny. It is very tight under the chest (so tight it's pulling the buttons askew, haha) and loose from there down.
  I went with the Bow & Arrow shirt I wore in my very first blog post, for its pearl buttons. I would like to try a slightly foofy shirt or one that buttons all the way up plus a cravat, but I own neither. I added a box of stuff* I'm on the lookout for at the bottom of my gadgets, like a reminder to myself.

* I can't title it "wishlist" because then I'd have to put "unicorn"
  I'm entertained by the ends of my shirt ties hanging out the back. It's like my jacket is pooping. Because I'm twelve.

  Overall, I think the pinstripes on my trousers are not very visible, and the 3/4 cuffs on the blazer look like I'm going to a board meeting rather than adventuring with brass goggle adorned rabble-rousers. A longer bustle/hobble skirt might go well with the blazer too, but alas, something I also don't have.
  I did take out my purse, though. I don't often use purses, but this is one of those items I always have people telling me is cute. It even came with a long crossbody strap thoughtfully tucked inside!
  Your thoughts, dear readers? Should I alter the buttons and store it back in my closet for some more months until I find some things it goes with? Do you ever get things you want to style but find you don't have the right items to go with it (closet orphans)? If so, what do you do?

Plum blazer: LUX (thrifted)
Pearl button shirt: Bow & Arrow (thrifted)
Pinstripe trousers: Banana Republic (thrifted)
Platform shoes: Candie's (thrifted)
Denim purse: Giudit (thrifted)
Necklace: H&M (Paris, very old)


  1. I think it's a great piece! I say alter the buttons, moving them should help open up the bust area a bit.

    As for styling, try wearing it over a dress! I think that purple dress you wore the other day would make a good monochrome look. That white floaty KOMMOTiON skirt with a plain white cami and the jacket and a pair of ankle boots! Layer it with that navy dress.

    I think that jacket has a ton of potential in your closet.

    I know I personally feel like I have a lot of closet orphans. Sometimes it takes buying a couple of tops to go with a skirt, and I realize actually a lot of what I already own works. It's about looking past the actual matchy matchy or the expected looks and think about what could work.

    1. Ooh, all great ideas. Thank you so much! You and Amber's latest post at Butane Anvil have inspired me to try a long grey winter skirt I have and dresses as well.

  2. Hmm... I'm trying to imagine what shape person that blazer is supposed to fit with being too tight in the underbust and loose through the waist... Otherwise, scoop neckline and double-breasted-ness is fun! Agree with Megan, if you can move the buttons to make it looser where needed, and even a bit tighter where needed (probably the easiest way without having to go in and alter seams and darts).

    I'm probably the worst for 'closet orphans', since I'll be inspired to make a piece of clothing from a fabric (or thin air), and then have nothing to pair it with (perhaps why dresses are the best for me, they can be worn on their own, unlike ending up with a skirt that has no top to accompany it).

  3. I figured it out, I think. My bosom is not where the jacket expects it to be. If I pull the jacket up (or push the girls down) it fits much better, but then there is a gap above my shoulders. I suspect it's due to general ethnicity differences in waist length/bosom placement on the torso.

    As a person who started out closet orphan collecting, with no idea of outfits, but a definite sense of fancy and what I liked, I believe that it's totally a legitimate way to build a wardrobe. Some people will go out and make a coordinated set of things as a cohesive whole they buy at once. I can't do that at all.

    I think since you have an amazing eye and a great artistic sense, and since these things are consistent in your choices, you will end up at some point with a critical mass of things that delight you and they will assemble into a coordinated outfit. It's a lot trickier with an original sense of taste or artistry though, because I think it's that much harder to sift through the stuff out there that does not suit you and find the rarer things that do.

  4. I agree with Megan: alter the buttons and wear the jacket over a full skirt.