Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harnessing Solar Energy

  Today I am celebrating the harness Megan Mae sent to me!

  Welcome to new readers from Already Pretty! I was shocked (and super excited) to get featured as an Inspired Outfit. Whee!

  I am also linking up to Spy Girl's 52 Pick-me-up, a weekly event with different themes to try.

  I had to scrounge around in my wardrobe to get the outline and proportions I wanted, so it looks kind of piecemeal:
Tank top: unknown (thrifted)
Harness: AudraJean (Megan Mae)
Wide tassel belt: River Island (old)
Arm warmers: OzzOn Japan (Japan)
Skirt: cheap juniors shop
Boots: Doc Martens (thrifted)

  I ended up with an outline similar to the character Tifa from the game Final Fantasy VII:

  I'm really glad the harness fits (barely!) People often mistake me for petite, but pullover shirts go in fear of my ribcage and shoulders.

  The gorgeous September weather continues in the Bay Area. I realized today that I have very few warm weather bottoms, since we only get a month to six weeks of sun in September and October. I guess I can't get away with two pairs of ugly denim shorts now that I have a style blog. (:

  Ideally I would like to find black high-waisted shorts to go with the tassel belt. This skirt is too bodycon/thin for the look I want, even after I added a pair of bike shorts underneath. The Internet is only providing me shorts the length of underwear (yeesh), so I'll be on the lookout while thrifting.

  I would also like arm warmers that don't have roses, ribbons, and lace on them for this look. I'll probably have to make those.

  I love the look of shorts or skirts with sturdy boots or sneakers. It's a look Meghan at Cirque du Frock wears often and she's the first person I thought of when I found these Doc Martens at the thrift shop. They're made in England and after a week spent with my fancy shoe stretcher (a large rock) in each one, the fit is decent for my extra wide feet. The backs are weird, though! They grind against my Achilles tendon. I'll find a way to stretch those out, too.

  Lastly, can we think up a better name for a plain ribbed tank top than "wife-beater"? I don't care for the name, for obvious reasons. I don't know if "egg-beater" will work, though. Your thoughts and comments, as always, are appreciated.


  1. We call them "A Shirts" here at my workplace (underwear company). An idea for your black shorts is to look for black pants and cut off part of the legs.
    You do look very Tifa-esque! I would not mess with you!

    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

    1. Whoo, thanks for the reminder, Anne! I was all excited I had something white to link up with, and I completely forgot to link back to you.

  2. Oh, I like the look! Glad the harness fits you and I can see the cartoon likeness and I like your idea(s) for the eventual look even better.

  3. Wowza - loving the harness - very feminine yet strong! I agree that a decent pair of shorts is hard to find ... I've been thinking that I'd like to thrift a good-fitting pair of pants, then chop them off and hem them to make shorts to my liking.

    1. Yes, I was thinking if I could find high-waisted black trousers, chop them off into shorts, and add three pairs of black buttons to the front to make them look sailor-style, that would be what I am looking for. (:

  4. I believe that before the term "wife-beater" those were called "undershirts" or "singlets". :) I used to buy men's ones in the 80s and wear them.

    Aya, we are now Megan Mae/Audra Jean harness twins! I bought Megan's other AJ harness about a year ago! (I wore it for this steampunk outfit here:

    I love that you're really experimenting with your look. Awesome!

    1. Sweet, I am now one degree of wardrobe separation through Megan Mae from Sheila!

      (and hot damn on that outfit! I love all of your wildcard outfits. I have the page bookmarked where you had folks voting on a series of them)

  5. I looove your harness! You look fierce and divine.

    1. Whoopie! Thank you, Melanie. :D I'm a big fan of your style.

  6. Very Cyberpunk. LOVE! The harness with the er... white rib knit tank top (I so call these 'wife-beaters'... actually we just had a discussion at work about how ubiquitous the term is for the garment to the point where you don't actually think about he meaning of the words)... Anyway, I was going to say that it reminds me of 5th Element's LeeLoo or Tank Girl... for some reason.