Saturday, September 7, 2013

East by South East

  Ariane at Style Sud-Est is doing a linkup with a Japanese-inspired theme and I was all, "I'm Japanese! I'm inspired!"
  I'm going to link this up to Patti's Visible Monday, as well.
Look, fire hazard sleeves! My favorite.
  This is my latest shirt shell from the thrift shop. It was like, "Look, (non gender-specific) bitch! FANS."
  and I was like, "Hells yeah." *reaches for shirt*
  I took one of the lovely button flowers Megan Mae gave me and used it as a kanzashi hairpin.
Kimono-style shirt shell: Zero Zero (thrifted)
Skirt: Express (thrifted)
Button flower: Megan Mae (gift!)
Laura sandals: Fitzwell (old)
Necklaces: gift from brother (Okinawa), rice necklace mall stand (very old)

  The only wee problem with the shirt: the way it's folded right now, I am a dead person. I'm going to have to take apart the ribbon under the bust and switch the fold to left over right. I am not at all superstitious, but I keep worrying a Japanese person will see me and be mortified. (haha!)

  It is SO HOT and sunny in the Bay Area right now! Of course by hot I mean it got to 85 the other day. I know all of you languishing in summer heat are staring daggers at me right now. I can feel them. Poik! Poik! Poik! Ow.

  I love this weather, though I can't spend a lot of time in direct sunlight because starting in my late twenties-early thirties, I started freckling instead of tanning evenly. NOW I know why fobby women shield themselves from the sun as if they were puddles.

  Last weekend in Sacramento, my friend got married in the California Automobile Museum. It was really cool! We could walk around and look at the exhibits in between the ceremony and reception, and there was Vic's ice cream for everyone. I never thought of myself as a car-lover (though I enjoyed working on them with my father growing up and in high school) but the collection there is amazing. There are interactive demos, old cars you can climb into and take pictures in, and free tours. I really loved it.

  I thought of Ally especially so I took some pictures of the classic cars. (click to enlarge and scroll)

  I hope all of your weekends are as gorgeous as mine. (:


  1. Gorgeous shirt -- and those cars! They remind me of what I saw at a car museum in San Diego. Works of art in steel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your fire hazard shirt ... I was actually hoping to find something similar while meandering through the rooftop market today ... sadly didn't find anything.

    LOVE the cars!!! Enjoy your week!

  3. Awesome look and I LOVE the buttonflower as a "kanzashi". Also I giggle to myself often about how many American garments are "backwards" according to Japanese culture norms. All of my robes are meant to tie the 'dead' way.

    Even though I don't drive, I do still truly appreciate the gorgeous design of older cars. Kentucky actually hosts a Corvette museum and sometimes when traveling to visit relatives they have old 'vets driving along the interstates. I swoon for the curvy bods of those old cars.

  4. I have that same buttonflower! We are buttonflower twins now as well as harness twins. :)

    Love the beautiful top! And wow, those are some amazing cars!

  5. Terrific look! (sorry about the dead-wrap : o) and I love the button-flower in your hair. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. You look lovely...I really like this type of styling! You would also look lovely in the necklace I am giving away on my site...please come by and enter to win...have a wonderful week!

  7. Oh, I want to know more about this faux pas of the shirt styling. I have a kimono and a haori and now I'm worried that I've been styling them wrong.

    1. Oh, it's just that you are supposed to fold the layers left over right. If folded in reverse, I think it signifies someone else dressed you for funeral.

      My brother pointed out the easy way to remember is it's folded so your right hand can reach inside if you have something tucked in there.

    2. This is interesting paired with the knowledge that in Western clothes, men's shirts (suits, coats, etc) button left over right, but women's button right over left, because back in the day women (at least the wealthy ones) had maids dress them rather than dressing themselves.

      The reason for the switch is the same between East and West, just the timing is different.

    3. I was surprised when this was first pointed out to me. I'd always just been grateful that for some reason my zippers were on the correct side for me (left-handed.)

  8. Beautiful. I love the Megan Mae button flower used as a hair accessory.

  9. That skirt is lovely.. are the darker band on it, diagonally and the horizontal ones shadows from the railing or are they sewn-on trim? If shadows, they re-designed that skirt! Great details with the top.
    Lovely print ... I'm a collector of all kinds of fans. Beautiful on you, of course. I see that you'll have to re-fold, of course!
    Heat is relative, or more correctly, our response to it varies! Not all 85 degrees are created equal. No daggers, but it's freaking miserable here. Had a coolish morning today at 70 something degrees. It's a start.
    If you have any rain you don't want, please wave it due east, in my direction.

    1. Wow, I hadn't even noticed the shadows cast by the railing. That is a lovely pattern. I wonder if I could copy it on some sort of cut-and-sew style skirt.

  10. "The only wee problem with the shirt: the way it's folded right now, I am a dead person. I'm going to have to take apart the ribbon under the bust and switch the fold to left over right. I am not at all superstitious, but I keep worrying a Japanese person will see me and be mortified. (haha!)"

    -That's so interesting! For me I only saw in the overlapping fabric the connotation I'm used to as a seamstress. (Reading your comments, before I posted this, I realized someone else already pointed it out...) For English/Western fashion, woman's blouses have buttonholes on the right chest and overlap the left (men's are left over right), and when drapes are made, they follow the same rule of right over left for woman's clothing.

    Thanks for the cultural tidbit!