Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday Best

  Obvious things first: I have a ♪ parasooooool ♫!
  It was a gift from my friend Mo. Unused, from Korea, gorgeous.
Parasol: Korea (gift!)
Vest: Free People (eBay, size S available)
Pink overskirt: Fei (thrifted)
White petticoat skirt: LUX (thrifted)
Boots: Naya Lightning (old, gift)
Gloves: Japan
Locket: vintage (Etsy store feltinmyheart)
Hair clip: Taiwan
Skirt clips: DIY (my tutorial)
Earrings and watch: CostPlus World Market (watch link, earrings not online)

  I do not know why I'm not smiling more. Sorry! I think I didn't sleep well last night.

  Have you ever built an outfit around an unusual item?

  I wore a lot of accessories today. The parasol had me excited so I just started piling them on. Here are some close ups.

  I'd never worn these gloves before. My mother bought them for me several years ago in Japan. I had no idea what to wear them with, but I knew I loved them so I waited. :D I wanted a lacy petticoat look to go with the parasol, so I layered two skirts and hiked up the pink one a bit (oh la la!)

  It took sewmuch2learn to point this out, but I have a considerable number of vests. I've added the new label 'vests' to sort them out. I have not decided what to do with the ties on the back of this one, because they're super long. They brush the tops of my boots!
  Lastly, I've been thinking about something odd this last week. I laughed about "rage shopping" on the Twitter and mentioned it on this blog, yet I've been really shy to talk about my rage donating. So um, here are some very good causes where I gave my funds:

  Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal has a brave and lovely teenage daughter who has severe sickle cell disease. She is receiving a bone marrow transplant, and the medical costs are very high. The donation page is here.

  Nancy Le (a friend of a friend) received a successful bone marrow transplant and is currently starting chemotherapy for myeloid leukemia. Medical costs are also very high. The donation page is here.

  My friend Brenda Hatley made the US Wushu Team (again!) but there is no financial support for team travel or expenses. She is raising funds to travel to Malaysia for the World Wushu Championships. The donation page is here.

  The UN Refugee Agency helps refugees who have been displaced from their homes by war. Right now there is more exposure for the cause because of the human tragedies along the Syrian border. The donation page is here.

  Thank you, as always, for reading. (: 


  1. I love the parasol, but those boots are AMAZING. You look wonderful!

  2. Awww you look amazing as always!! I love the blue-grey, brown, and pink combination!

    I send a little prayer out everyday for KeeCee, Lynne's daughter. I'm always looking out for updates and hoping for the best for them.

  3. You look so absolutely darling! I want to spin you around!

  4. Another fantastic outfit. You have such a refined eye for creating a balance between floaty/feminine and tough. :) Loving the vest over the shoulder-baring top - it really adds a lot of interest. I bought a vest recently that I'm looking forward to wearing once the weather cools down! I might have to keep my eyes open at the thrift store for a top with shoulder cutouts so I can wear it with the vest.
    The idea of rage donating is a lovely one. Might as well channel that energy positively. :)

    1. Haha, the shoulder-baring top is actually meant to be a scoop neck, but once the cheap fabric stretches out over my rib cage, it keeps falling down! I gave up and started wearing vests over it to keep my shirt from falling off. d=

      I'm looking forward to seeing your vest! I am quite enamored with them.

      Also you can think of the balance of feminine and masculine as me just being incompetent at making things the frilly sort of feminine :D

  5. This is a fun outfit - I love the parasol's details, all the little bits of embroidery are lovely. I would cut the ties off that vest (as long as it still fits snug without them). Rage on!

  6. *pout* I wanna parasol... *pout*

    Love the new illustration Anne did of you. It captures your style and is flattering. I remember being bowled over emotionally when she did mine. I had the image printed onto both a poster and greeting cards at CafePress. I hope you enjoy yours.

  7. How fabulous to find you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So, so glad.

  8. I love how you put those 2 skirts together and all your accessories, all very, very pretty -

    Next i have a spending rage i should like donate my rage money to good causes !

    Tks for linking up

    You have great style!

    Ariane xo

  9. Interesting outfit Aya ... LOVE the skirt and boots!

  10. Oh my! Why are you so CUTE?! You're outfits always make me feel like a slob ;-)

    I do adore the chunky boots with the feminine skirt (visible lace underskirt was the perfect touch (like bloomers showing, huh! Scandalous). I rather like the long ties in the back of the vest.

    I would so wander around with a parasol if I had the guts... instead I just tote umbrellas when it looks like rain.

    'rage donating' sounds like a very productive outlet for a bad mood, and probably lifts one's spirits a great deal. Think I'll give it a try next bad mood.