Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shrug off the fog

Let me explain: It was sunny when I got dressed this morning.
I don't always go "full costume" when I go to school, but I still try to dress nicely. Priming is still a thing, right?
Confession: I photoshopped a stray lock of hair off my forehead. Because I could.
Around 1 or so this afternoon, Daly City came to its senses and remembered what it was. Sad Aya.
Brown shrug: Bcih (thrifted, size L on eBay)
Purple tank: Express best-loved bra cami (old, new ones at
Skirt: Odille (eBay)
Sandals: Eastland Lagoon (product link)
Necklace: thrifted, Watch: CostPlus (product link)
I instantly loved the way this necklace had ribbons and string tied together, but I was dubious about the large stone-printed plastic beads and the fake bronze coins. They're growing on me, though. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone of tiny pendants and add things that are visible from more than a few feet away.

Also: accessories are expensive! I can thrift clothes in a snap, but when it comes to watches, jewelry, hats, or gloves, you pretty much have to buy new or go consignment/vintage shop. Most of my jewelry is over a decade old and I'm trying to find cost-effective ways of picking up a few pieces to go with my current personal style. Any suggestions?


  1. The necklace looks great on you. I find alot of my great accessory stuff at antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores. Some of my best bracelets and purses have come for Deseret thrift shop up in Sacramento, I but you have one down there. I have found my best hats,scarves and gloves at estate sales. Check craigslist under garage sales for estate sales, there are a number of people who do them on a regular basis as a business. They usually advertise on craigslist and add a link to their web page where you can get on their subscription list for the latest upcoming sales. Good luck

  2. OHHH If you want to come thrift shop with me up in Sacramento, I have a place where they sell nearly everything by the pound!!!! Just got a pristine leather coat from Nordstroms for $2.50! and a cool suede/leather purse with leopard print interior. No kidding. Everything is just dumped into large waist high bins to sort through. Its a hoot and a hollar.... just say the word and I will give you my email address to connect with.

    1. Woah, that sounds awesome. I'm in Sacramento here and there to visit family. If you wouldn't mind passing me your e-mail, I'll see if I can ping you the next time I go! :D

    2. Aya, My email is

      The Giant thrift ware house is Goodwills in Citrus Heights next to HWY 80 N. You would take the Madison exit, take a quick left on Date st then follow the road all the way back to a huge parking lot for several stores, the good will is on the Right, in the corner, open 7 days a week as early a 8 am. Would love to go with you but there are the directions if we cannot hood up. Another one I LOVE is also along HWY 80 N. Called Deseret thrift, Take the Fulton exit and continue N along side the freeway and you will see the big white bld on your right. Just got me a beautiful 100% silk robe from china for $4.00! Also some great accessories, purses, braclets, hats.
      Phone is (916) 792-8284
      Hugs-Morning Waters

  3. Oooh Mega-cute skirt!! You're always dressed excellently. Most of my jewelry has been gifted on by others with bigger collections. Personally, I never even bother with jewelry unless it's substantial enough to be seen from far enough away. Plus my local Goodwill doesn't sell any sort of jewelry in the store. Some do, but the one in my town doesn't.

    I absolutely believe in dressing yourself up even if you're not doing anything special. I totally feel blerg after days in pajamas or "house clothes"

  4. This is so pretty. For accessories cheap, try vintage shows or craft markets. There are usually lots of cool things available that are either made locally or cheap vintage.

  5. You look really pretty in this outfit Aya. I LOVE the necklace.

  6. Garage sales are good for costume jewelry... some of it needs a little TLC, but you could probably recreate them into new pieces.

    Even when you're not dressed 'costume-y', your outfits denote a real aesthetic consciousness and detail-orientation that's quite impressive. I don't know how all you fashion blogging ladies do it... I'm so incoherent in the morning, I'm lucky my socks match when I walk out the door.