Friday, September 27, 2013

Get Thee to a Haberdashery

  I have a new hat. It has a bow. :D
  The thing about being a student is you don't have money, but you *do* have the occasional Thursday morning free to tootle downtown for the quarterly Goorin Bros. sample sale. All hats were $20 or less.
  This was one of the few fancier lady hats at the sale. I politely sidled at a dead sprint up to the table, plonked it on my head, and nearly forgot to remove it when I went to take a shower.
  Seemed like a good match for my Diesel coat, now with 100% more airship captain medal! Man I have got to get those sleeves altered.

Hat: Goorin Bros. (sample sale, available in plum)
Western-style coat: Diesel (thrifted)
Cara 'Royal Highness' Military Pin: Nordstrom (here)
Dress: OzzOn Japan (Japan)
Corduroys: WOW jeans (thrifted)
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)

  The sample sale was excellent timing for the upcoming Hat Attack, thrown at the beginning of each month by the vivacious Judith of Style Crone.

  I am also celebrating finally hemming these corduroys. They're made in Japan! I thrifted them when I lost all that weight stressing out this summer, and as I'm gaining it back they're slowly becoming more and more bootylicious but somehow staying just as comfortable 
  I love the pockets with the brass buttons! Given the trends lately, I think the world could use a whole lot less buttock rather than more, so I styled them under this OzzOn dress:
  The coat and hat do not go at all with the dress, but I fell in love with the lines of these items together.

  Today was a fine day. :D And yes, this hat sample sale thing is quarterly (this was my first, so I just found out about them.) The vast majority are bucket hats, Gatsby/flat caps, and baseball style caps, but if you're dying to get a Goorin Bros. hat on the cheap, ping me and I can poke around for you at the Christmastime one. :D


  1. Whoa!! That hat is a winner! Exactly the kind of unique accent we love to see on you.

  2. I love hats too! I have more than any human strictly "needs" but, when you see a fanastic hat, what is a person to do?

    Check out the hats I saw at a recent wedding on my post "how I love a wedding." It was the epitome of a stylish British wedding. Or, actually, a stylish wedding anywhere!

    Cheers from Rosemary of

    1. Thank you, Rosemary! I adore the photos you have on your blog. Glad to add you to my reading list. :D

  3. Love the hat (so jealous). The first photo was a very noir pose... reminded me of Carmen Sandiego, actually. :-) I also really enjoy all of the layers you have going on in this outfit!

  4. Fantastic layering! I like how the coat is just the right length to let the tier/ruffle of the dress peek out. And that hat is amazing on you. I'd like to experiment with hats someday - they can really elevate a look!

  5. I love all this! Especially the last look!! I also finally got my cords taken up too. Though I'll be waiting to wear them until it cools off some more. Still got 80F days in my future.

  6. It was a weekend for hats! I got one too. I love yours - the bow is very fetching! Love the dress over the pants - great lines.

  7. What a pretty hat! And indeed it looks great with that coat. Actually, without the coat it looks great too.

  8. Gorgeous hat ... don't blame you for nearly getting in the shower with it on!!!

  9. A great new hat! The bow is perfect with your ensemble and very dashing from every direction. Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack! And I loved your comment!

  10. Cute cute cute!

    Popped by from Hat Attack #3.