Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Beret at Bray's

  Berets aren't commonly seen in California. Stereotypes that readily come to mind are the French, artists, and US army special forces, so when I look at these pictures, I confuse myself. I like the hat a lot, though. And I'm pretty sure I managed not to look like Che Guevara*.
Beret: Goorin Bros (sample sale)
Barometer shirt: Pilcro and the Letterpress (thrifted, some on eBay)
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor (thrifted, size 2 on eBay)
Mirjam shoes: Rieker-Antistress (thrifted)
Blazer: Twisted Heart (gift from brother)
  I've checked, and with the exception of the wee neutral lines on my Ye Olde button-down, this new thrifted baby is my only striped shirt! I'm wearing stripes! I feel this is a big day for me.

  It is also "texture salad" themed week at Spy Girl! You should go and play! It's open until Monday night.

  I love all of her style challenges. I was contemplating layering different clothing textures while lying in bed for just five more minutes. I am also linking this baby up to Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday! Here are a bunch of macro selfies.
* When you're Asian, there are certain shapes of hat that instantly make you look like a Communist. This goes double if they are olive green or have any sort of pointy shapes sewn on. Notice I don't sport ushankas combined with quilted jackets, either.

  The shirt is quite loose and long, so when I paired it with my thrifted steampunk-ish skirt, I wanted to give it some shape. I tried tucking it in only at the sides. I like it so much better I want to sew ruching into the sides so it has strings to adjust the length. I don't know what it's called, but it looks like this:
  Any vocabulary help or tutorials you know of greatly appreciated! Also I plan to wear pants.

  I think upon picture review, that a long flowy skirt would have worked better with the beret+shirt, and I like the blazer over the shirt and over the skirt, but not at once. There may be two separate outfits mish-mashed in here. More experimentation, as always, is needed.


  1. Hi Aya!

    I was reading your post and never cross my toughts, how Asian dress will make them look like a communist - I see your point tough!
    I love the beret on you, not at all Che!
    Again i love all your textures and proportions and colors -
    You do live in SF? i see the Bay in the background right?
    I was in SF last March- We stayed downtown
    I loved the city


    1. Hello Ariane! Thank you so much for stopping by.

      I live right below San Francisco, in Daly City. We are close to the water too, so it tends to be very foggy here. (:

      Yay, I am glad you enjoyed it. I do love the city and I will miss it when I go to graduate school. :D

  2. I don't know whether to say "Oh, la la!" or "Welcome, Comrade!" Either way, the beret is cute. I like how you play with unusual pieces and see what they do.

  3. I think the technical term for your side seam treatment is "drawstring ruching" and I think it will work well for giving the top some shape. I like you mixture here, and especially like your selfies!
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

  4. The skirt and top definitely give you the French flavor (rather than the Communist).

    I like that whole ruched-shirt thing. (Add it to the list of projects I'll never get to...)

  5. I love love love this outfit! So pretty and elegant.

    For side-ruching, Tamera at the Menopausal Supermodel (link: uses vintage pins to ruche up the sides of her too-long tops. It's such a good idea. Example (2nd outfit):

    1. Ooh, thank you! It's funny; I was contemplating using two pins to ruche the sides too, but I was afraid to poke multiple holes in this modal-like fabric. It's already got two holes where the tags attach. At some point I need to get over my fear of poking my clothes, now that I have some pretty pins!

  6. LOVE all the details of this look. I know Meghan has altered a lot of shirts to add ruching into the sides. So maybe hit her up for some details?

    As for your hat! Omg! You look SO CUTE in hats.

  7. Fabulous outfit, I love this jacket so much. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look great!

  8. No, darling, not remotely like Che. So much prettier! Great job with the texture challenge. All your pieces are so versatile, and I imagine they'd work hard for you with lots of other pieces. I'm ALWAYS drawn to your mod-steampunk aesthetic. Looking very fall, slightly French, and a lot adorable. Oui.