Saturday, October 26, 2013

Waiting for Godet

  Well go figure, I have a good long whinge about the weather (thank you for your patience!) and the next day the sun comes out and it is gorgeous. It's 10F warmer than it was yesterday, and it's been clear all day.  I'm so happy, not least of all because I can wear this outfit before 2014.
Laguardia cloche: Goorin Bros. (sample sale, available here)
Peasant top: Zara basic (thrifted)
Skirt: Free People (old)
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)
Locket: etsy shop
Rose scrunchie: Japan

  I didn't even need my sweater tights!

  My gorgeous Goorin Bros. sample sale hat goes with quite a bit in my wardrobe, as it turns out! I'm really, really happy with this. I feel a little like a special occasion every time I wear it out.

  The loose grey-blue shirt is new to me. I've always avoided slouchy boho fit, especially with elastic on the bottom for the bubble look (I'm short and absentminded, so it just looks like my clothes don't fit or I'm crazy), but I loved the sleeves and color and tiny brass buttons. I've had this skirt for years, and finally got a tailor to re-install the invisible zipper after I removed it to alter it (hint: if you need to remove the top 5 inches of a skirt, make sure to order the smallest possible size, not your actual size. -_-) and finally I have a top to wear with it. :D

  The earring has been missing its twin for years, but I still love it. I'm always on the lookout for lampwork beads similar to the centerpiece, so I can make a replacement pair, but no luck yet.

  Here's some clothing vocabulary for you: a godet is a circular segment insert set into a piece of clothing, often to give the wearer a wider range of movement. It's responsible for that gorgeous swirling kicking out when walking in a full-length skirt. I've loved them all this time and just found out what they were called!
  In Aya shopping news: I've often read about Hallowe'en being folks' favorite time of year, but it's just now working its way up to one of mine, because I've realized it is the time thrift shops pull out their funky costume-y items and sell them for a song, and those of us who wear those things for everyday have a party.

  Here are some recent finds that I cannot wait to try out when warmer weather arrives:
 Lavender chiffon skirt for $2. Is there anything so feminine as feeling the swish of fabric against the back of one's calves while walking?
   The last time I wore an ao dai was to my dearest friends' wedding. The bride's family was enchanted by the Japanese woman in the Vietnamese dress, despite the presence of a dozen lovely Vietnamese women in them, too. Hee! The groom was entertained that I'd pop the thing open every time I took a deep breath or flexed my lats. (It is held together by a long series of snaps.)
  This one did not have the flowing pants attached, but for $3.49, I am not complaining. I wonder if I can wear it with bootcut jeans?
  I think this shirt is "Asian" as in sold-for-tourists, but I love the embroidery and the color. It's an XXL, but I'll figure out a way to style it somehow.
  Is there anything so fine as thrifted silk? This navy blue linen-and-silk shirt(?) is super long. I'm not sure what it's designed for, but I'm pretty sure it's a woman's garment. I removed the pointy part of the collar to give it a Mandarin look and I like wearing it over tunics with wide leg jeans and platforms.

  What are the latest cool things you've added to your treasures?

  Have a lovely weekend, everyone. (:


  1. Cool new word! I've noticed those things and wondered about them. Do I get course credit for reading your blog??

    1. If I become a professor after grad school I will grandfather in all of my old readers. :D

  2. Vintage Free People skirts are the BEST. I have two of them ~

    1. Ooh. Have you featured them on your blog before?

      I'm already worried about what to do when this skirt wears out! I don't know what I'd replace it with.

  3. Those are some lovely items you found! I knew what godets were - they make skirts ultra-swooshy!

  4. Hi Aya!

    Yes silk is wonderful, so soft and comfortable - About your hat! I got one of those when i was in San Francisco last March - I puchased it on Haight street - I love your skirt, nice now to wear them here in Mtl -

    I love your look and adore that pendant so cute!


    1. Hooray! How lovely that we are hat twins. :D

      Isn't the Goorin Bros store on Haight St. such a pleasant and lovely place to hang out in?

  5. So so cute!! My favorite All saints dress was filled with godets upon godets. I feel sad I resold it, but there was little room for a bright white full dress in my life!

    Your skirt is amazing. Congrats on the repair. I love how your look feels a little old-fashioned, like 1910s/1920s.