Friday, October 25, 2013

Cranky Nopants

  Hey guys! I missed blogging. :D  I also missed the sun. Here's a picture I took Thursday to celebrate the first time it came out in over a week.
Sweatshirt dress: Mossimo (thrifted)
Vest: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Tights: UNIQLO (gift from Mom)
Over-the-knee boots: unknown (clothing swap)
Hat: eBay (similar)

  This whole 'personal style' thing is still pretty new to me. The outfits I posted this past warm season are partly because I have 1 pair of ratty denim shorts, and since I didn't think that would do for a style blog, I experimented with putting together other fun things.

  Cold weather's different. I hate the cold. I hate this sudden seasonal change. I hate wind and damp and numb feet and blue fingertips. Hate is a strong word, but it takes me months to shake off a dull, stuffy vaguely anxious feeling when the sun doesn't show up for weeks at a time. Happens every year, and my priorities this season, as with many Asian women, shift from "what fun to wear today?" to "protect myself from the elements, nevermind how ridiculous I look."

  This year I am going to try to shake myself out of it by risking a stupendous gas bill and trying to heat this place. There is no weatherproofing in our apartment (the balcony door doesn't even close all the way,) it's very damp, and the thermostat doesn't register, and you have to manually switch it on every 15 minutes if you want heat, but I can't take being cold indoors and outdoors all of the time. It does not snow, and it very rarely drops below freezing in the Bay Area, but this means that shopkeepers and restaurants also don't see fit to heat anything, and people leave the doors to the tiny cafe and retail spaces OPEN all the time, so you never get away from the winter weather. It means the only times I am warm are when I am driving my car and when I'm taking a shower. It drives me insane.

  I've heard older Chinese people say that white people are more resistant to the cold than Asians are. The whole special sweat gene means this might be more true than I thought. Either way, that is my rant. I will do my best to add more visual interest to my outfits, because otherwise you all are going to get an endless procession of dark neutral sweat/er/shirt dresses, long pants, and peacoats.

  Today I tried adding a long vest to this teal sweatshirt dress. I wasn't sure how the proportions would work out, but it was warm. I see now in the photo it looks like I forgot to don pants, which still puts me one up on my leggings-only-clad classmates, who, thank god, are now being forced to actually wear some. Gosh, I'm really cranky. I just realized this. This is therapeutic. :D

  Since I've been running out the door without taking outfit photos and coming back after dark, here are some photos of what I have been up to:

I made some new fabric-covered buttons for my thrifted Sanctuary hoodie! I am wearing it with some thrifted bling jeans here.
  I love this thing. It's so soft, has gorgeous piping on the inside, has interesting lines, good construction, and came to me in like-new condition! It was just missing one button on the left pocket, which you can see above.
  I picked up a fabric button kit at my local DAISO, a Japanese dollar (and a half) store. I took a piece of jersey fabric and placed it around the metal button head, and put it in the clear plastic holder. You can't use too many layers of cloth, but if you want added fullness/softness on the head of the button, you can cut a round piece of fabric and place it between the button head and the cloth you're wrapping around it, which is what I did.
  I photographed the instructions on the back of the package. (: You trim the cloth, fold it in around the button head, place a button backing on top, push down on the round green plastic presser, and you have a new button!
   The buttons on my hoodie were between sizes of the kits available, so I made two buttons and replaced the remaining one, as well:
  Pretty good match, I think!  What are some DIY repairs you have done?


  1. Sorry the cold bothers you. It used to pain me terribly but that's eased over time. I think my nerve cells are dying off.

    It's possible to stay fashionable and warm in cold weather. I wear colored tights and several types of leggings when autumn arrives. Especially when riding my motorcycle cause the wind makes it feel 15-degrees colder. I look forward to what new fashion ideas you come up with this Fall and Winter. Your creativity and ingenuity are always interesting.

    1. I remember loving the cold when I was a child and a teenager. Sometimes I suspect puberty stole my warmth from me!

      I discovered the idea of knit leggings just last year. :D I can't imagine riding a motorcycle in the cold! Does the armor help with wind chill?

  2. I think both that the vest works and that you look as though you forgot pants. But, it's okay because you look good.

    I hate being cold as well; I'd so much rather be hot.

  3. Just wait until you hit your late 40s and you'll never be cold again .... (menopause)

    1. I know it's no laughing matter, but honestly whenever people tell me that, the never cold part of it sounds so, so appealing.

  4. I hate the cold too. One of the reasons I like living in the South. I swear by electric blankets and cooking in a warm stove every night. I used to live with grandparents who never turned the heat high enough, so I kept an electric blanket for both myself and my arthritic cat, Gomez (may he RIP).