Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tulle and Honor

  This outfit is inspired by a Pinterest picture I saw:
Ah, for the elegance of these surroundings, eh?
  I originally pinned it for the military coat, but I ended up liking the look of the coat over a feminine skirt. And just the other day, I managed to find TWO feminine swishy skirts at the thrift store. They both needed a lot of taking in, but I sewed like a madwoman and got them done in a few days, so here is the first:
Jacket: promod (thrifted)
Shirt: BCBGirls (thrifted)
Tie: OzzOn Japan scarf (Japan)
Skirt: Final Touch (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker antistress Mirjam 57 (thrifted)
   No military style is complete without the Cara Royal Highness pin, also known as my airship captain medal.  I took one third of my OzzOn scarf, which is three spiraling strips of cloth and lace, to make a lady-tie. My only feminine shoes, the Rieker Antistress Mirjams, worked out pretty well. :D

  I'd never heard of the skirt brand before- Final Touch. It is so gorgeous. It's mid-weight woven and lined, with flowers of silk and tulle sewn on with beading. Great skirt for fall and spring, since the lining and weight of the material make it hold up to strong breezes.

  Look, twirly!
  Since my movement blurred the photo, I tried a filter and made myself look oily:

  I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend. :D


  1. Oh, you look so feminine today thanks to this skirt and the scarf. I like the combination of these feminine pieces with the jacket, looks interesting. Love your medal-brooch.

  2. So very pretty!! My favorite bits are the medal and scarf. They make the outfit very Aya!

  3. Ooh, I love this look so much! It's very soft steampunk. The neutrals with the touch of lavender in the scarf is just gorgeous. The shoes are perfect, wouldn't change 'em - very cute!

  4. What a beautiful outfit! The skirt is definitely one that I would want to twirl around in. Thanks for linking up with Pinned It and Did It!