Monday, October 28, 2013

High and Waisted

  This is the highest waisted skirt I have ever donned.
   I have no idea what goes on top of a skirt that sits this high! Only thing that would stay put is this unitard thing with a Mandarin collar my mother bought for me some 14 years ago.
Top: Wolford (gift from Mom)
Shrug: Twenty-one (eBay)
Shirt clips: DIY (tutorial here)
Steampunk skirt: MNG suit (thrifted)
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)

  (This outfit's actually from last week, but didn't make it to a full post. It was still balmy then! I do not enjoy this drop of 15-20 degrees F in several days. -_-)

  I think I like the silhouette, but the outfit's colors and patterns do not agree. This Steampunk style skirt sure changes my idea of proportions. Never thought of trying to lengthen legs because with my shoulders, I thought I'd look like a hut on stilts. It turned out to be worth at least a second try in my opinion. I hope I don't have to buy an entire outfit to go around it.

Look at the sweet suspender style buttons:
  The skirt is technically brown, but because it's so dark I think I should go with outfit pieces that match a dark grey next time. What do you wear with high-waisted skirts or trousers?


  1. Love the pun in the title. And I've always been drawn to the alluring femininity of high-waisted clothes but lack the self-confidence to wear them myself. You've got that aplomb.

    1. Ally, your style is so feminine and youthful, I had no idea you shied away from certain styles. I think you'll find the confidence; you grow so quickly in your style and femininity. I certainly felt awkward trying feminine things for a long time- I was worried I would look like a fraud or a laughingstock.

  2. I love high waisted stuff. I tend to opt for things that are fitted that I can tuck in and show off the detailing.

    PS, got your package in the mail today. Hope you can use some of the things, otherwise, feel free to redonate or pass onto someone else.