Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Accessory Sorting

  My feet get cold inside when I'm not wearing socks, and I have to bundle up walking back from the gym at night, so there's no denying fall is here. (But the daytime weather is still gorgeous!) Sheila at Ephemera recently did a post on changing her closet over for the cold seasons, and it got me inspired to finally get to work sorting mine.

  Last week I got around to the long overdue job of sorting and folding my unkempt pile of scarves, purses, and hats.
  It had not occurred to me to separate out my heavy winter scarves from the rest before. This would have saved me a lot of room sooner!  I also have a set of narrow silk scarves/lady ties dyed with various plants and minerals. Would somebody like them? I've had them for years and have never worn 'em. Shoot me an e-mail at notactuallyaya [at] gmail [dot] com and I can send pictures.

  Goorin Bros. linked to a high quality Vimeo video on how to tell the difference between various flat caps. I grabbed my pile of flat caps and sat down excitedly to finally be able to categorize my various hats!
  ... did not end up helping. It's a lovely video, and handy for knowing the style of Goorin hats specifically, but the rest of mine defy explanation. I haven't had much luck on the Internet, either. Maybe the modern hat companies took liberties.

  I also sorted out my purses, which all live, along with my hats, on this over the door rack:
5 main ones, a free Easter basket, a lunch sack, and a bag from Cathy that looks like a buckler
  I have never been a person that notices purses. As I get more into personal style, I'm getting better at it, but by and large I still carry my things in a small REI backpack my friend Cathy gave me ten years ago. Then I favor small crossbody bags that leave my hands free. I do like metallic blue bags, though. So dramatic!

  I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my apartment has zilch in the way of storage. There is a closet in each bedroom, cabinets in the kitchen, and that is it. There isn't even a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I have kind of a lot of clothes now, so I had to get creative.

  Did you all know they sell stuffed toy hammocks you can put in the upper corner of your room? That eight bucks were among the more useful of the ones I have ever spent.
  So now three types of accessories are sorted out, and next I tackle changing things over from warm to colder weather, while trying to layer in a way that lets me sun myself in the lovely mornings and afternoons.

  Have you changed your closet over? How do you sort things if you live in an even, temperate climate or one more extreme than the Bay Area? Do you have items you wear all year 'round?


  1. Love the peek into your accessory closet!! I hang all my belts on a specialty "tie" hanger. It has arms that swing out and I thread the buckles through!

    The only things I do for seasonal clothes is keep my sweaters in a separate drawer, and rotate my sandals back when the temps drop. We have a pretty dominant season. I never NEED more than one coat, a handful of jackets. I do keep more boots than I ever need because I like them, but generally I have spots accessible year round for everything. Only downside to minimal space! Everything is within easy reach.

  2. I love seeing all your hats - so cool. My changeover is getting to be quite a production, but I find myself really clinging to clothes. I will do another massive cleanout at the end of the fall/winter season - let me know if you spot anything of mine that you like, Aya! I will keep you in mind when I clean out, and I'll send stuff to you if I purge them.

    1. Maybe clinging to clothes means you're getting better and better at bullseyeing your tastes! I find I have fewer 'rejects' to donate after a year than I used to have. I do feel better about that- less money wasted, I suppose!

      Thank you so much for the heads-up, and for your generous offer!