Monday, July 22, 2013

Governess-esque and an aya scarf

  As promised last post, I took some closer photos of my new scarf. It's a gift from one of my dearest friends, who found custom-dyed yarn named 'aya' at a local shop. :D She knit me this gorgeous scarf out of two skeins. It is a scarf made of aya for Aya, and it cannot be beat for niftiness. I love the colors more each time I look at it.
  The foray into fancy things has been hella fun (there is a NorCalism for you all) but I've been feeling the call of a Ye Olde outfit (fantasy, not history) more and more this weekend. And some mornings you wake up and want to dress like a governess. The endless fog has put me in the mind of Heathcliff and Catherine walking on the moors. Odd, since I didn't even like that book.
  Does this jacket scream 'governess' to you? It does to me. I was surprised to find a Twenty one label when I pulled it from the thrift rack.

  I think it would go best with a long tapering skirt with a flare/bustle at the back, but I don't own one of those*, so I went with a stretch denim mermaid skirt. I love blue and brown together.
  Bare calves look kind of odd to me in Ye Olde outfits, so I added some leggings. The side lace is saucy enough that I guess I am a rebellious governess that has a pint and maybe goes dancing after work. Or a prostitute, since my hair is uncovered. Um, that got uncomfortable quickly.
  I wouldn't worry about a scandal, though. These blasted buttons are such a pain to unfasten I suspect it's the reason this garment was donated in the first place. The little loops for them are so undersized I had to yank at them with my fingernails. I've shoved pens in them to stretch them out.
  My trusty jeweled locket from Express strikes again! Strange that if I hold onto it long enough, this thing designed to look vintage will actually become vintage. Is there a term for old things that were made to look even older?

  It's another long week of huffing uphill with a giant backpack for me, but I've queued up a post for Wednesday so I won't feel left out from all of the fine folks style blogging during the week. I hope you all have a lovely week, and if your week is unlovely, that your weekend comes soon.

* The trouble, I've found, with looking for certain cuts of clothing online is that it crosses over into 'costume' territory and from there into 'fetish' really fast. I don't want to be a Victorian dominatrix, but power to anyone who does.

Governess jacket: Twenty one (thrifted)
Blouse: edme & esyllte (thrifted)
Skirt: realities (thrifted)
Jeweled locket: Express (very old)
Suede hair clip: unknown (Taiwan)
Side lace leggings: cheap junior store
Lightning boots: Naya (zappos, old)


  1. Wow, what a sophisticated scarf. Beautiful mix of colors and textures.

  2. Love that blouse. I have a similar one, it's cut in a very unique way - in a purple velvet. I don't have much opportunity to wear it though, what with my Southern weather. ;)

    Also your boots are impossibly cool.

  3. Beautiful scarf! I think handmade items are such a great gift - and how cool that she found yarn with your name! Those leggings are great, too - they're a nice counterpart to the jacket and skirt.