Saturday, July 27, 2013

Subtle Blue Leopard

  A perfect storm of events Friday kept me on the other side of the water. There was a Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert in Candlestick, an A's game in Oakland, a Giants game in the Dogpatch, and Critical Mass was taking place, because spite is a great reason to do things. Oh, and the police found a suspicious package on the Treasure Island exit, so the entire bridge got shut down for a while.

  Luckily for me, I was keeping an eye on the 511 website, and I chilled out in East Bay all day and went to dinner. But I look forward to blogging all week long long long long long, so here are two blurry photos of me after I drove home at 11pm.
  That's right, I found a jacket with sleeves the correct length that doesn't garrote me under the arms! My secret? Husky kid clothes.
  The best fit for adult me off the rack has always been XXL boys' clothing. Jackets and trousers, both. I'm going to use the line "I have the physical dimensions of a fat male child" to make someone go away someday, just you wait.*
  It looks like a bustier, but it's actually a stretchy tank top! The extra seams give it a little reinforcement, and it's form-fitting, but there's no boning/underwire, and it's smocked in the back, so super stretchy and flexible. AND there are built in pads in the bust. So comfortable! I love it so much.
  The description called it leopard print. I never thought I'd own anything leopard print before, but it is a blue-grey and very subtle, I think. So this is subtle blue leopard, coincidentally the name of my new fictional band. I think we'll play lounge music covers of trance songs and have a rivalry with my other fictional band, Husky Boy Dimensions.

* This is not me body-slamming, this is me thinking this is a fantastic line.

Jacket: GapKids (thrifted)
Bustier tank top: Olé Olé (eBay, size L)
Pants: unknown (clothing swap)


  1. Ha! How funny. Smart of you to explore unexpected territory. I never thought of you as a husky boy, but then again, I never imagined I'd find clothes that fit me in the maternity women's section!

    1. Yes! I think of clothes as having such a wide range of cuts anyway that one shouldn't care which section it's found in, so long as it fits and looks good. I have a maternity shirt, too. I think it's in one of my earliest posts. It's supremely comfortable and flattering.

  2. You have such STYLE! I love all of your outfits.

    You don't look like you have a 'fat male child' figure, but if those are the clothes you're buying, they definitely work. And it's great you found what works for you.

    Also, that 'fake' bustier looks and sounds awesome!

    1. Yay, thank you so much! This bustier thing made me a huge fan of stretch fabrics that have structure (and not that tissue-thin jersey stuff!)

  3. I have a weakness for boy's buttondowns, but I've never thought to look in that section for jackets! That one fits you beautifully. And that bustier tank top - I'm wondering whether there's a way I could make one of those myself!

    1. I don't know if you read graverobbergirl's blog, but it's a great place to look at some handmade garments.

      Let me know if you want closeup shots of the construction- getting piping that matches the panels on the front seems to be the trickiest part, to me.

  4. Oh man, I was thinking about physiology today in the car and I just figured this out!

    Body fat distribution changes with age. You can have the same body composition, but at different ages, where your body stores it is different.

    A boy's body has more fat in the limbs and evenly spread over the torso, versus when he ages, when it gets stored predominantly on and in the abdominal cavity while the limbs lean out. So it's the perfect fit for a short young woman with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Ta-daa!