Monday, July 15, 2013

Style Imitating Art: Lighthouse

  This wasn't consciously designed as a Style Imitating Art outfit, but this happy coincidence saves you from  another one of my terrible titles for outfit posts. This morning I ended up pulling these items out without consciously planning it, and realized later that with the red piping and style in back, this is the closest garment I have to the painting, and I was even wearing the correct color trousers.

  Today's pick from the "special occasion" box is a cut and sew velvet tank top from a Renaissance Faire of many years ago. Part of why I bought it was it also fit neatly into a running Princess-Leia-gold-bikini joke between an old friend and me.
  The drapey double vest has buttons on both layers so it can be worn in a number of ways.
  My not-so-secret ambition is to be the quirky old lady with the fabulous outfits in another 40-50 years.

  I realized I last wore this shirt at a party eight years ago. Geez. Fun fact: beloved reader and commenter Michelle was at that party, too:
  Sometimes the trouble with unique items is you have no idea what to wear them with, because you have not seen any precedent. Also they might be low cut with a big transparent mesh panel over the midriff.
  I used Carrie of Petal by Petal's tip about lengthening a necklace with a bracelet, lengthening a long necklace I folded in half.

  This weekend went by far too quickly. I studied a lot though, and I had a blast making outfits and blogging about it. Thanks to all of you so much for reading- writing this blog is a lot of fun and a big stress reliever for me. I can't wait for next weekend already. :D

Velvet tank top: NorCal Renaissance Faire (v.old)
Double layer vest: MOUTHvalley (thrifted, Japan)
Pants: unknown (clothing swap)
Necklace: crystals- unknown (Mom) sunburst bracelet- Jeanne by CJ (Paris, old)
Faux leather bracelet: Foreign Exchange (old)
Edeen wide calf boots: Fitzwell (


  1. beautiful top!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  2. So cool. I want to share your goal but, for me, I only have 2-3 more years before I'm that quirky old lady. :)

    1. You have 20 more years before you hit the age I was aiming for, but we are all free to see ourselves as old ladies when we like. ;D

    2. I agree with you Aya ... Alley has a long time before she is a quirky old lady ... I will probably reach that before her!!!

  3. You manage to accomplish my dream of making pieces like that Ren blouse work in every day life. I love the details on the blouse, and I'm also jealous of your ability to wear boots right now!

    1. It's late July now, so the weather is overcast and chilly and will be until September-October. I complain about missing the sun, but I have to admit it's great trenchcoat/boot weather here most of the time.

  4. Wow, I love it! I only managed to go to Ren Fair once when I lived in the US... now I wish I'd tried to go more!

  5. Very nice accessorizing!