Monday, July 1, 2013

June Showers

  One day was not enough time back in my own home.

  But today there was a special party in my hometown for my best and oldest friend Meghan, so off I went!

  I tried to go with summery and feminine party dress, because Meghan's family has always been classy and because my hometown is kind of a scorcher during the summer.
  I am a consummate resident of the peninsula, because I brought along a jacket, JUST IN CASE the weather turned.  ... turned from 106°F
I did not end up using it. My friend's mother laughed at me. With good reason.
  It was really wonderful to see everyone. I feel lucky to get to know my high school friends' parents as an adult now, especially because I was kind of raised by wolves, so I appreciate how understanding they must have been to this strange kid, decades ago.

  This dress was picked up at a cheap juniors store in Daly City a few years ago that a friend of mine liked to frequent. For some reason my lady friends and I who enjoy shopping for clothes together all historically did not like shopping for clothes, and really did not like shopping for clothes with other people. Then we became friends, then we somehow went clothes shopping together and enjoyed ourselves, and then we became clothes shopping buddies. (And then they keep moving away. Come back, lady friends! I miss you!)

  The dress was $10 and cute, so I bought it! \o/
  It was also transparent! /o\
  I am sporting a thrifted plain heather grey dress under it as a slip.  I picked it up because its color matched the skirt of the dress, and it has the same empire waist cut, but now I wonder if the straps at the top are too wide and it looks like I'm wearing a horrid grey undershirt visibly under my dress. Feedback, please!
  This ham-blasted jacket is also the hardest thing I have ever tried to photograph for this blog. It might be the weird interference between the natural and artificial light (new East Bay venue). You'd think this jacket is navy blue, right? Because it totally looks navy in photographs. But IT IS NOT. It's a dark cerulean, slanting a little bit toward teal.

  They're not showing in the photographs, but my Rieker antistress shoes received several compliments at the party, so I either have great taste, or I wear shoes marketed at the generation ahead of mine. Either one is fine with me!

  I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here's to the holiday weekend coming up! Do you have special plans? Do those special plans include special OUTFITS? :D

Dress: monteau (cheap juniors store)
Jacket: VIEW by WALTER (thrifted)
Underdress: Heritage 1981 (thrifted)


  1. What a pretty dress! I love the jacket - buttons are a weakness of mine.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

    1. Oh man, mine too! I've been wondering if I should make a little list on an About Me page of clothing things I'm partial to. Buttons and multiple pockets would definitely be near the top.

  2. I don't mind the wider straps of the gray dress, because it matches the skirt so it doesn't look out of place. If it's bothering you, however, it seems like it would be simple to slim the straps just a bit so they're not so obvious.
    Such a cute dress for $10! I really like the color-blocking and embellishment along the bust. I hope you find more clothes-shopping buddies - good ones are hard to find. :)

    1. Man, that never even occurred to me! I sew! I could narrow the straps! (genius)

  3. Beautiful dress. Glad you're enjoying socializing.

  4. Until I read further I thought it was a gray tank top and was thinking that was a great idea if you want a little more coverage. I like it and think the color looks nice with that pretty pink.