Monday, July 8, 2013

Homework for the Holidays

  I spent the 4th and 5th from morning to night working on problem sets for my classes, so by Friday I was feeling burnt something fierce. I made a deal with myself that if I finished all of my homework on time, I could go thrifting for an hour or two.

  It was coming down to the wire, but I finished! It was too late to go to my favorite shop, so I nipped out to the one near my apartment, and took along some bags of things to donate.  Here's the outfit I chose for thrifting:
  It's important to have a skirt that is easy to try things on over or under, and a tight-fitting tank top. The cardigan is open in front so I can pull it on or off quickly, and the shoes are slip-on.
  Every time I wear the Fitzwell Laura sandals, I'm taken aback at how much longer my legs look. If you're in the market for elongated calves, I definitely recommend them. The easy fix I implemented to stop them pinching back in May worked great. 
  I enjoy the strings that can draw the back of the cardigan up, depending on the waist of skirt/jeans I am wearing. What are these things called? They remind me of the classic curtains in theatres.
  Forgot to take a close-up of the material, so here is a zoomed photo of the gorgeous pattern on the skirt. I love it. I sometimes take it out of my closet and just look at it. >.>
  One of those cheap "Your name on a grain of rice!" capsules (I was 17) and a charm to protect one at a crossroads from Okinawa. My brother had our family name inscribed on the back. A gal that worked in a very nice boutique in Newport Beach once asked me if the necklace combination was Chan Luu. I had to look her up because I am bad at brands, but it made me feel very fashionable. (:

  I ended up finding a few awesome pieces at the local thrift shop that I will post soon, time permitting. Then I went for a run for the first time in weeks and it was the best run ever. It was 30 minutes of not being stressed out and I wanted to go on and on forever.

Skirt: ecoté (Urban Outfitters, old)
Cardigan: Candie's (thrifted)
Bustier tank: (cheap juniors store)
 Laura Sandals: Fitzwell (
Necklaces: grain of rice (very old), omamori (gift, Okinawa)


  1. A perfect thrifting look! I love your sandals. I never remember to dress well when thrifting, slip on shoes are so important for trying on though!

    I love pieces that are so exciting you just wanna look at 'em.

  2. The perfect thrifting outfit. Meets all the requirements for a serious thrifter. :)
    The pattern of the skirt is very pretty, but equally as nice is the color. I can imagine taking this out of the closet just to look at it too.