Saturday, July 13, 2013

Investigating Vestments

  Last week I had a question about the ruching on the back of my cardigan that reminded me of an Austrian drape. This week I have another style vocabulary question.  It might even become a regular bit on this blog. I can see it now! The music plays, the camera pans over the stage and you hear the voiceover announce, "You know what time it is, folks! It's time to plaaaaay..."

*studio audience chants* "WHAT... is that thing?"

  And the curtains would part dramatically and I would come out to a burst of applause, wearing the latest weird thing I found at the thrift store.
  I got this thing at a clothing swap some years back, actually. It's a size L, which is probably part of why it is very drapey on me, but I get the impression it's just meant to be super long.  It has a random bit of pintucking and the hem material curves up in the back.
  What *is* it? Is it still technically a vest? I tried adding a wide cinch belt I thrifted in Japan over it. To stay with faded blues and purples and a few pops of black, I added my rhinestone button bracelet (another thing I don't know the correct name for!) I liked the look so much I added my favorite hoodie and a hat later:
  It's the first time I've used the double zipper, and I enjoyed how I could let the layers underneath show. I love this hoodie so much. The impression I get from my friends is they find it underwhelming but know it's my favorite color and they are happy for me. My friends are nothing if not polite lovely people. :D

  The concept of power in names, and that naming something gives you power over it shows up in several cultures throughout history. I don't know what it means that I have things I don't know the names of all over my wardrobe, but I'm not going to let not knowing what something is called stop me from wearing it. (:

Mystery vest thingie: LUX (clothing swap)
Cincher belt: unknown (Japan)
Long cloak hoodie: Prairie Underground blue suede
Rhinestone button cord bracelet: unknown (old, The CAMP)
Women's houndstooth cabbie: San Diego hat company (product link)


  1. Good for you. I have a "red bra thingie" that I don't know the name of but wear it anyway. Your "mystery vest thingie" is too cool not to wear.

    1. Sweet, I call my unknown garments "thingies," too!

      Though I did a little Google image poking and I think you can call your red sequined bra thingie a sequin crop bustier if you like.

  2. It's a vest or a sleeveless cardigan. There. Now you have more power!