Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OzzOn Japan pictures

  The OzzOn Japan website is finally back up after significant delay!  I have to admit it *does* look better and is much easier to navigate. Go ahead if you're interested in Japanese punk/goth clothes- I think it isn't difficult without reading Japanese.

  They're having a 30% off everything sale that goes on every year. Ah, for a budget that could keep up with my sartorial dreams. (:  Here are some of my favorites:
Ozz Oneste China camisole

Rozen Kavalier lace printed cami

Ozz Croce dragon camisole

Ozz Croce 'Hard Croce' skirt

Ozz Angelo lace embroidered leggings

Ozz Croce double pouch purse


  1. That purse is so awesome!! I've been tempted to order from some sites like that. The only international ordering I've done is through ebay though. It'd be interesting to hear your experiences!

    1. I really wish OzzOn did international ordering! So far the only way I've gotten their clothes is by asking my mother if she can use her Japanese credit card to buy them and have them sent to my grandmother's house, where she picks them up and brings them home on her next trip to Japan. I'm loathe to bother her about it, but the clothes are so awesome. O.O

  2. That black skirt is ridiculous.

    1. I just realized that ridiculous isn't universally used as I use it. The amount that I want that skirt is ridiculous, the skirt is amazing.