Friday, November 29, 2013

Casual tees and tanks

  I left my digicam's adapter in the Bay Area. Go me! Here's an draft I was working on during my summer of weeping and despairchemistry at Cal:

  One thing this summer's lab outfit constraints have reminded me of is my collection of graphic tees. I lived the supremely casual fashion lifestyle until a few years ago. I love my shirts, so they're still hanging around underutilized, but filed nicely in a drawer (you can see more shirts waiting to be folded in the background):
  While I don't think a string of Outfit of the Day posts featuring jeans and a graphic tee would be that interesting, I thought a few of the designs would make a nice mid-week post while I'm out and about at school.
Katamari Damacy (a gift)
Labyrinth, my favorite film. Got to see a showing in the Castro w/Brian Henson!
Saw a gal with a different cartoon deity on her shirt the other day. Wish I could have taken a picture of our blasphemous selves together.
AZN from Target. Fake, still pretty.
The city college here does great shirts. And science.
  I think of the tee as the zero point garment of American style: it's the bottom line, the cheap basic item considered "clothing", and going below that may be considered unseemly or exceedingly casual, such as wearing a bra or a pyjama top in public. The way the graphics and cuts of this basic clothing item keep changing has intrigued and attracted me, as a casual comfort oriented person. Do you keep plain or graphic tees around to be comfortable in? Do you wear them outside or are they just worn in the home?


  1. I wear a t-shirt almost every single day at home. #1…they are easy to wash. #2 I don't mind if I get them dirty or they wind up with lots of pug hair all over them. #3 they are comfortable.

    I will sometimes wear them with my leather jackets and will often layer them too and yes I do wear them out, but not all of them.

    I sell my t-shirt designs on Etsy. So I need to wear them for sure, but it isn't difficult. I actually find with a blazer they are easy to dress up.

    I like that design on the first one.


  2. I wear my thrifted graphic Ts around the house - wouldn't be caught schlepping around in public with one on ~

    You've def got some cute ones tho.

  3. You can't beat the comfort and ease of a t-shirt. And the images and designs on them are infinitely wide. I maintain a collection of tees that have sentimental value to me. Concerts, places, things I've done. Wearing them makes me happy.

  4. What a great collection! I think the cartoon deity is my favorite. I love graphic tees and wear 'em everywhere. I'm trying to stick to minimalist/noncutesy designs since I'll be 36 soon and I don't want to dress too young. To me, the t-shirt's humble beginnings and, as you say, status as the "zero point of American style," makes it an intriguing canvas for all kinds of creativity and reimaginings. :)

  5. Fabulous collection - I too adore Labyrinth and I can't believe you got to see it with Brian Henson in attendance! That is way too awesome!

  6. What a lovely collection! I too have quite a choice of t-shirts but don't wear them often nowadays.

  7. Those are great graphic tees, and they go beyond the ordinary. Have you ever thought of wearing them with something besides jeans- dressing them up in a different way? What about making that a style challenge- a week of wearing graphic tees in different ways? All I'm coming up with off the cuff is under a blazer or a vest, or maybe with a skirt and booties. It seems a shame not to wear such interesting pieces. My tshirts are the plain Target variety, not nearly as interesting.

  8. You make me fear weeping and despair microbiology, statistics, and anatomy might be coming up. I seriously fear for my aging brain cells!

    I go through graphic tee spells. I'll become enraptured of a few (I have similar aesthetic to yours. Art. Asian lettering. Except it could say anything, and I'd just be unwittingly blasphemous.) Then I'll tell myself I'm too old, or who can wear these to an office (when I had an office) and donate them. Until I want some more. Like now.

    Peace & grace,