Sunday, November 24, 2013

Third Party or Party On?

Quick question for you, my dear readers and commenters: what do you think about Disqus, the third-party commenting system?

I enjoy responding to a lot of the comments left here, and I know that with a large number of blogs, following up and checking each blog for responses is unfeasible. I've been impressed with the Disqus option of a follow-up e-mail with a response if people reply to your comment, and having one place in any comment area where you can check your replies.

So for example, if I leave a comment on my friend Carrie's site Petal by Petal, I can see if Jan from Fort Smith Stylista (who also uses Disqus) has replied to my comment on her site. It's really convenient.
Here I can upload images or check if anyone's responded to all of my Disqus comments on the right

You can comment anonymously, make a Disqus acct., or sign in with other options

So I ask you, because you guys are the ones who would be affected!

Do you prefer the comments the way they are, or would Disqus' option to send you my responses be preferable (you can opt out of that, of course!) Or do you have no preference? Any feedback, positive, neutral, or negative, is valuable. :D


  1. I've thought about adding Disqus. I like the way I get an email when someone responds to a comment I made, and it seems to work well on the sites I've seen.

  2. I like the option. I hate the idea of someone responding to a comment of mine and me not knowing about it.

  3. I want to install Disqus. I'm just waiting for TypePad to make it easier for me. I tried and it didn't work. Personally I think it is better since otherwise I never get the response. Also for me blogging I want people to get my responses to their comments.


  4. I'm of two thoughts--it's great but sometimes I can't comment with it.

  5. I prefer blogger comments on my own blog, because I respond via email or text to them most of the time. However I almost never remember to check back on other people's blog for responses, so Disqus does at least notify you of replies. Personally I don't care either way, so long as I can actually get the comment to go through easily

  6. I didn't know of Disqus before you mentioned it. I think it sounds great. Sometimes I don't check back to see if I received a response, because I generally forget to. So I think this would be quite helpful!

  7. Will be curious to read replies. I've been intrigued about disqus for months now, just have never got the courage to try it...even though Jan and Anne tell me it's easy. Somehow, it seems like a very big change to my little 'ol blog, LOL. I do have an account, and can comment on blogs with Disqus or otherwise.

  8. I do like Disqus, but I tried it on my own blog and a handful of my favorite bloggers were unable to comment any longer - not sure if it was a browser issue or what, but at any rate that is one thing to be aware of. It's been about a year since I last tried it though, so it may be better now.

  9. I've been using Disqus on SpyGirl (also on Blogger) -- it has good and bad aspects. I like the email notification for comments, which is why I installed it. It IS difficult for many to comment and IMPOSSIBLE on mobile devices. I currently can't get it to work on my work computer.
    Some words of warning:
    1) If you install it, then change your mind and want to return to Blogger or Google+ commenting, you will lose all the Disqus comments.
    2) You can't activate the Google+ commenting if you have Disqus installed. If you try to, NO comment box will appear.
    May I suggest trying Google+ commenting before going to Disqus? I'm pretty sure you can choose to get email updates from G+.

  10. I do like that Disqus allows continuity in commenting and seeing replies. One thing I don't like is that sometimes it will mark a comment as spam when it's not, and I need to go into the dashboard and manually recategorize the comment. I've also heard from others that it's difficult to leave comments, based on browsers and such. Also, sometimes Disqus and Blogger don't seem to get along - a comment will show up on my Blogger comments view, but doesn't actually show up on the blog, etc. The problem hasn't been big enough for me to consider uninstalling, but Anne's suggestion of trying Google+ commenting is a good one to consider before jumping into Disqus.

  11. I'm with Anne. I don't mind Disqus, but depending on where you are reading from, it can pose commenting challenges. But none like the bloody Blogger captcha. I've abandoned comments altogether when faced with Blogger's worst verifications :(