Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Style or Die! challenge: Rave denim jacket

  Ever put something together you really like, then don't like it looking at photos at all? So it is with this.
Jacket: Rave (thrifted)
Graphic tee: dirty violet (thrifted)
Pinstripe flare capris: BCBG Maxazria (thrifted)
Mary Jane heels: Unlisted a Kenneth Cole production (thrifted)
Button bracelet: The CAMP, Dichroic glass star: Green River Studio etsy shop

  Pretty sure these newly thrifted pinstripe pants were designed as capris, which means they are ankle pants on me. I normally avoid ankle pants like I avoid salmonella poisoning, but the flares on these were really cool and I thought they'd balance out my big wushu legs. The Internet told me to wear them with heels. Photos tell me the damn Internet was wrong! I look like a bad stereotype of ... something. A style blogger? Peggy Bundy? A puffy exclamation point?

  I tried a loose graphic tee on top to balance out the formality of pinstripes and the fitted booty cut. I think something fitted next time will work better with these. Remember folks: if your thigh is close to the circumference of your waist, wear fitted on top.

  I don't mind the look with the jacket, so I tried an exercise. Since the jacket worked, I tried similar things in my closet to the jacket to see if it was redundant. Here it is with a denim dress I wear as a coat:
Dress-as-coat: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Pregnant Scully from X-Files. Not combining long coat and big shirt again.

 And with a similar blue military style jacket:
Blue military jacket: View by Walter (thrifted)
  Here's an auto animated gif Google made when I uploaded these:

  I think the second jacket proves the denim jacket redundant, and ridiculous passants aside, I'm far more likely to wear it. Rave denim jacket is a donate.


  1. Great writing, puffy exclamation point? bwa-ha-ha. Your military jacket is ultra-cool but all your stylings are great. Sometimes I'll see myself in a photo and cringe at what I'm wearing. If you are the crafty type, I find that painting clothes destined for the donate pile can be fun too. But then, sometimes it's just not worth the effort.

  2. I like you in more structure outfits, this is a little loose everywhere ,but it looked better with the military jacket - I never, never wear capris, you would to pay a lot of money to wear capris!
    I love the jewelery, gorgeous pieces!


  3. Oh yes, i can totally relate to this! It looks great in my head and then its a total failure when i wear it.

  4. AWW I think this look is totally totally cute. Then again, I'm half-convinced you could wear anything and rock it. I think the blue military jacket is much nicer/cooler looking than the denim one. Denim one is definitely redundant in that case.

  5. Ummm…just today. I was shopping with my girlfriend and spotted a gold sequinned Aline straight short shift frock with a chevron pattern…think of Agent 99 from Maxwell Smart but very sparkly, and I ADORED it on me. Then I got my girlfriend to take some photos with my iPhone…Blech! I looked like a bejewelled whale. Needless to say I did not buy it. Even if it was super cool, retro and only $45. I'm still looking for my New Year's Eve dress.

    I like the military style jacket.

    I love the puffy exclamation point. I might need to borrow that.


  6. I always think I look 6 feet tall when I wear cropped pants and kitten heels....oh, until I see a photo of myself. {{SIGH}} And I'm just like you...I think flared ankle pants are cool, very Vogue-esque...and think I can wear them. But, meh...not good, not good at all. I do like the more fitted look on you; love the military jacket...Agent Scully preggers look, not so much.

  7. You made me look up wushu legs...lol.

    Sometimes photos just do not do us justice, right? There are times I know I looked better than my pics turned out. And other times when I think, "OMG. I wish I'd looked at the pics more closely BEFORE I wore [insert particular ensemble] out in public!" For the record, I think your pants look chic and adore the military jacket. You did make me giggle at "pregnant Peggy Bundy" and I need all the giggles I can get this week!

    Much love,