Sunday, November 10, 2013

Giveaway winner and a peek back in time

  Congratulations *drumroll* the Couturgatory giveaway winner Tag R! I'll be in contact shortly to ask about what thrifted goodie you'd like from San Francisco!

  And since things have been a whirlwind this weekend (I'll have a full post on the Bloggy award from Ally of Shybiker when I think I have some words. You should check her blog out in the highly unlikely event that you did not find my blog through hers.) here are some older outfits that got left behind for one reason or other this last month.

  Spoiler alert: the reason was usually lighting. Stupid time change. Stupid sun not putting in enough hours at its job.
Laguardia Cloche: Goorin Bros. sample sale (available here)
Long cloak hoodie in blue suede: Prairie Underground (old, more colors)
Purple knit top: Elie Tahari (thrifted)
Cotton godet skirt: Free People (old)
Floral gauze square scarf: Old Navy (available here)
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)
  This outfit is pretty much exactly the same as the Waiting for Godet one except with a different top and a scarf. (Scarf is no longer on sale for $6. Boo.) Got skipped due to lighting, made a very similar outfit to photograph later, but I was super excited at the time because it was the first time I'd managed to coordinate an outfit, scarf, shoes, and a hat. Unfortunately also the last.
Dress: Treasure Rock (Treasure Rock on eBay)
Top: Treasure Rock (old)
Sandals: Eastland (old)
  Last wore this shirt way back in June, when my dear friend Diana was visiting. Since I never wear it, I hacked the bottom off and turned it into sleeves as a topper for this sleeveless dress, also by Treasure Rock. Well, formerly sleeveless. I also added straps to the dress as it was driving me crazy.
  They line up great, I just wish I hadn't chopped quite so much off. I was worried the sleeves wouldn't be long enough, but there turned out to be more than enough fabric, length-wise. Width-wise it was close! I had to draft a custom sleeve pattern, but I'm pretty happy at how it turned out.
  I'm also endorsing Eastland Sandals as having a wide toe bed. I own two pairs of their sandals, and these aren't even wide width (they offer wide width on some of their designs.) My toes aren't squished, and I usually have to go with at least width D for that to happen. I'm working on a wide shoes review page that I'll stick in the sidebar. :D

  Happy rest of the weekend, folks, especially for those who have a long weekend for Remembrance Day. I have my own strong feelings on war, military, and authoritarian power pyramids in society, but I do recommend checking out the history of the 442nd Infantry Regiment from WWII. It was composed almost entirely of Japanese American soldiers who volunteered despite their families being imprisoned in internment camps. I'm sad there was a schism between those who served and those who angrily refused the draft (some of whom were deported to Japan, a country they'd never lived in,) because of the loss of their and their families' rights. I think both courses of action took such incredible bravery.


  1. First, congratulations on winning Ally's award - you totally deserve it! Second: swoon over that purple sweater! Third: WOW, this outfit with the straps and the top and holy smokes, gorgeous!

  2. God, I love the way you dress. These outfits are so interesting. Your choices stand out in the crowd.

  3. New reader here thanks to Ally! I just wanted to congratulate you and I look forward to getting to know you through your blog - many of my favorites are fans of yours so I know I'll love it too!

  4. Congratulations on the Bloggy Award. Ally wrote a perfect description of you! I always enjoy your style and your exquisite writing and perspectives.

    1. Thank you Judith! Your lovely blog is one of my favorites to read. I am always in awe of your elegant style and personal prose.