Thursday, November 21, 2013

Style or Die! challenge: Jolt blazer & 52 Pick-me-up: Trend Salad

  I could have timed this better, but I really wanted to participate in Spygirl's 52 Pick-me-up challenge this week: Trend Salad. Wear as many trends as you can in one outfit! It's open for several days; feel free to try it or check it out!

  So you all get sort of a twofer: pile on trends outfit, and the Jolt blazer over said outfit.

  I searched through some clickbait sites for trends, which yielded contradictory and confusing results, and came up with three I could do: punk, animal print, and pink coat. Let's toss in lace because that's still in since Chanel revived it, right? Oh, and layers. That's a Thing.
I feel kinda 80s
Pink leather coat: Vera pelle (thrifted)
Long moto vest: twentyone (thrifted)
Blue leopard bustier: Olé Olé (eBay)
Denim miniskirt: h&g (thrifted)
Fingerless lace gloves: River Island (old)
Bandage leggings: none (eBay)
OMG clown shoes: Candie's (thrifted)

  There's a lot going on here, but I wanted a punk outfit that was reasonably warm on its own. Yes, that's a blue leopard fake bustier. It doesn't actually compress or anything, as it's smocked in back. It has built in pads, is made of stretchy material, and is super comfortable. I have an awful lot of shirts that look like corsets for someone who has zero interest in squashing her organs.

  My fake 80s punk band is still named Subtle Blue Leopard.
  It's raining today, so my new-to-me pink leather coat by Vera pelle was perfect. It has a detachable hood! It's pink! I felt it was a bit of a risk when I bought it half-off at the thrift store, but I like it more and more. I also like that the black moto/biker vest zips up to keep the look from getting too busy when I put on the coat.
Yarr. Thar be bling here.
  I also tried the Jolt blazer over the thing for a disgruntled teen in part of school uniform look. Unfortunately my 'disgruntled' look came out more 'incredulous.' Did I mention I was once a theatre major? I was bad at it.
Feeling really 80s, now
  Thing is, I think the blazer wants a bright shirt to layer under it, and I don't own any plain ones in bright colors. It's a hole in my wardrobe I'm trying to rectify. In the meantime, I realize looking at the photos the blazer doesn't hit me at the best spot in the waist. I'm v-shaped, so it's best if I get things that narrow all the way through the natural waist, like my Guess blazer. This will be a donate.


  1. I'm intrigued by piling on all the trends - except there's not much opportunity in a hospital setting, except to pile on as many sweaters and scarfs as you can get your hands on. Yesterday I thrifted this killah giant blankie sweater thingie from a shop that raises money for victims of domestic violence. I probably look like I've been swallowed by A Yarn Goddess, but I'll take it. Your trend salad looks so cute, warm, unique, warm, vintage, warm, well you get the idea. But nobody's hair looked nearly this good in the 80s lol. Between the perms and the hairspray, our hair mostly looked like kindling for a really fierce bonfire.

    1. I hear incredibly massive scarves are a thing, now. Maybe you could sew together all of the warm thrift scarves you can find and make a full body garment out of it. :D Extra bonus is looking like Doctor Who.

      And hey, a cocoon in a cold environment where you have to hang out for hours and hours sounds like a more than valid wardrobe choice. I totally feel you on that. It's no hospital, but no classroom in my University is heated, ever. Sit for 4 hours in a room that's ~50 and you'll hate everyone for certain.

      Hahaha! I love this image of hair.

  2. I love that pink coat and how you layered up things :D. Oh, and those shoes rule :D.

  3. I'm loving the pink coat. Last year I would have thought it was a bit odd, but now this year since pastel pink is everywhere it's perfectly normal. That is definately a sign of a trend : ) I do like the cut of it too. Very contemporary and sleek. Especially with the hood up.


    1. I was surprised by how simple it was and how it fits into the "new" trend. I'm pretty sure it's vintage...

  4. Ace trend salad! I find the first photo especially appealing -- the softness of the pink with the badass moto vest look great together.
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

  5. Great trending! I laughed about your squashing your organs comment and enjoy your '80s vibe.

  6. Glad to see you got the band back together :-) 'Subtle Blue Leopard' Love it!

    I freely admit to being a layers girl. Blame growing up in a part of the US where portions of Canada are in a latitude south of you. Toronto? Bah! Southerners.

    You really know how to rock the V-Shape figure. I need to study (and cyphon off) your styling hoodoo. I sadly discovered while taking my measurements the other day (I'm not crazy dieter... I just sew my own clothes), that in my attempts to be healthier and hopefully attain a trimmer waist, I just lost some hip, which saddens me. I should just accept the fact that I am larger up top and will never be 'hourglass' curvy. And why should I care, because look how cute you always are, with such awesome clothes and style! And the 1940s... awesome, classy clothes and a fashion based on the V-shape! I bet you could really rock a 40s look!

    1. Welcome to Ytown! Here you will enjoy the delights of moto/biker fashion, punk styles, and Victorian/Edwardian inspired cuts. You will also rock military, corsetry, blazers, bootcuts, vests, and chunky boots. Keep an eye out for anything that comes in at the waist and kicks out in back for amazing booty action. It's great to live in Ytown! :D

  7. Hi Aya!

    Got your message about Firmoo- I think you could order just frame with no prescription lens
    I think more people would participate if the knew that- I e-mailed the lady i deal with at Firmoo and will get back to you ASAP -

    I love what is going with your outfit, even if you say it confusing, but usually what doesn't match perfectly usually works and it works for you -

    I love your shoes, got a pair of platform Jeffrey Campbell last night for $100 - They were originaly $200 - Pretty happy!

    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xo

  8. You are a trend buffet!! I love it!!
    Seriously that pink jacket is gorgeous on you!!

  9. hi
    i am falling in love in your pink leather coat.
    if you some day will sell the coat,
    i vill buy the coat