Monday, November 25, 2013

Entrenched Meanders

  The other day was pouring rain and I was meeting a friend downtown, so I took a break from my Style or Die! challenge to wear my beloved trench coat:
Trench coat: J. Gallery (thrifted)
Purple knit top: Elie Tahari (thrifted)
Grey wool skirt: Express (eBay)
Necklace: unknown (thrifted)
Heattech leggings: UNIQLO (gift)
Lark boots: Naya (eBay)

  I thrifted this J. Gallery trench coat not long ago. It's made in Korea and has quickly become one of my favorite garments of all time. When it is buttoned up, I feel like a military commander princess (the protect-the-innocent hero kind, not the parasite-off-the-people kind.) I think this all ties back to my fantasy of dressing like an airship captain.

  It may be difficult to tell, but it's light grey lined with a lavender. Lavender and grey is one of my favorite color combinations of all time. I went with the same combo for my outfit, pairing a purple knit Tahari top with grey wool miniskirt and some black leggings and boots.

  It's a bit madness here at Couturgatory HQ (hah!) with two research projects and finals going off, but it's fulfilling and I am notably not stressed the hell out and losing vast amounts of weight. I wanted to thank you all again for reading this blog because it's so much fun to write. :D



  1. "Military commander princess" -- I see that. Definitely. I've often seen you in that light. You could easy fit into "Star Trek: Second Generation."

  2. Oh my. I love this sophisticated elegant look. That coat is divine.

    Your style changes a lot. I love that.


    1. When I'm not flailing wildly in experimentland and dressing like a deranged person, I like to think I dress pretty nice :D

  3. I like the ladylike cut of the coat and how it flares at the bottom. I like the outfit underneath as well - it has a city chic feel to it. :) Good luck with finals and projects - one thing about school that I definitely don't miss!

  4. Ah! The trench the ulitimate stylish item - This is not what i look for these days, i used to own a few a long time ago - I like your mini with sweater, looks very good on you since you seem petite
    I love San Francisco weather i loved it when we were there last March - I would move there tomorrow!


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