Friday, November 22, 2013

Style or Die! challenge: long twentyone vest

  I look like a cranky Ben Franklin. This vest is a donate.
  Here's what I wore the rest of the day, instead:
Velvet blazer: White House, Black Market (thrifted)
Foofy shirt: persaman new york (thrifted)
Denim skirt: Tribal Jeans (thrifted)
Platform boots: ALDO (thrifted)

  This blazer needs the waist drawn in more than I thought. With my foofy shirt, I look like an especially squishy turkey. Or maybe the problem is the shirt. Damn and blast, I might have more purged items from my closet than I thought.

  I was shooting for fantasy French aristocracy on top, and yeehaw denim on bottom. Whatever, it's still better than Cranky Ben Franklin. And I'm proud of the alterations job I did on the sleeves.


  1. LOL Cranky Ben Franklin - I don't think you look like that at all! (And I'm from Philly. They're pretty big on Ben Franklin around here.) I do like the second look better, but that's because I really love the cut of the blazer on you. Lookin' cute, lady.

  2. I'm laughing at cranky Ben Franklin! I do agree, the blazer is a better fit for sure.

  3. LOL, you do indeed appear to be seriously considering the state of the nation Aya. I love the trim on the blazer, and agree that it should be nipped in at the side seams...or maybe a belt on the outside?

  4. Where in the heck does one find a foofy shirt?! I thought they existed only in period dramas and Seinfeld episodes. I want one!

    1. It was on my wishlist for a long time! I could hardly believe it when I pulled it from the rack at the thrift shop. I will definitely keep an eye out for one in your size, Ally!

  5. Ah ha! You crack me up : ) Next time I go out shopping and the saleslady asks me if I need some help I'm going to say I want, "fantasy French aristocracy on top, and yeehaw denim on bottom" and then see what she comes up with. I can't wait! LOL

    Also agree it looks like the pirate shirt from Seinfeld. How I miss that series.


  6. LOLOL, I'm cracking up, because photo #1 is a bit cranky Ben Franklin. Definitely improvement with the jacket.

  7. You altered those sleeves?! Sha-zam! Very impressive indeed. Us short armed girls know a thing or two! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

    A cranky Ben Franklin, hey? Love the imagery of that!

    Rosemary from

  8. I got kind of a steam punk vibe from the second outfit, although your description of yourself as a cranky Ben Franklin in the first outfit made me giggle. But I seriously struggle with ruffles of almost any kind. I have this idea that I'm not girly enough to pull them off, or that maybe ruffles try to wear me. Come to think of it, ruffles in general DO make me cranky...

  9. Hi Aya!

    Tell you the truth the blazer would look better with less ruffles, too many ruffles and froufrou Aya!
    Keep the blazer for sure but i think, and up to you wear it with a tee or contrasting color top -
    Got a reply from Firmoo, yes you can order only a frame !
    Isn't great! So tell me what model you would like!


  10. Cranky Ben Franklin--LOLOLOLOL
    The jacket is gorgeous!! Maybe a simpler top would help accentuate the ruffles??

  11. When I first saw the first picture, I hardly recognized you! You look extremely uncomfortable. Interesting how that sometimes won't show in the mirror, but will be obvious in a photo.
    Cranky Ben sums it up perfectly.