Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little added Haight

  Today was gorgeous. I went shopping with friends in the famous Haight district north of Golden Gate park. It's a great place if you want to go clothes shopping for something unique and if you have some money. I'm not there often, but it's because of the latter reason, not the former. (;

  Outfit constraints were 1) classical style since the trip was for Steampunk/Edwardian fashion, and 2) friendly for trying on clothes and walking. And again, today was beautiful, so I wanted to leave my calves bare to feel the warm air.

  I went with a tight Express camisole that would be easy to slip things over, and a pinstripe skirt that would be easy to doff and don (or even try things under.) I added a cropped vest over the camisole for coverage and to give a bit of period feel.
  Pinstripes and plaid! This is the Aya version of pattern mixing. I feel more like a giant already. The outfit was pretty high contrast, so you have one shot in sunlight, and one without. There was a nap in-between. Please disregard my gardening supplies.  I like the way the skirt flares out very much. There's a little ruching at the top, which I enjoy because it is subtly feminine and gives some emphasis if you are narrow-hipped.

  Trivia: this camisole drives my mom bonkers. It's light pink with lace along the bust and the bottom hem. When a bit of lace peeks out, as it does with the vest above, I think it's pretty and she thinks it looks like my underwear is showing. I didn't understand why this bothered her until that trend came out where gals wear shirts that deliberately show their entire bras and it drove me flipping bananas. Touché, irony. Touché.

  I didn't want jewelry getting tangled or lost trying on clothes, so I went with a small locket and earrings that fit the classical look. My thrifted Rieker anti-stress shoes and a Bica Cheia blazer --it is San Francisco, after all. Mind the gusts!-- finished the outfit. The Rieker shoes have a subtle one inch heel and were super comfortable all afternoon.

  First we went to Distractions on Haight. (Warning, site plays music.)  My goodness. I'd never been before, and it was a goodie wonderland. Unfortunately their online selection is limited, so you'll have to take my word. They carry industrial modern and old style clothing and costume pieces from both large-scale and small local designers. I fell in love with Buddhaful's Diana coat:

I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm saving for it already.
  Then we hit up the Bettie Page store, another first for me. The theme is 40s and 50s style, popularized these days by Mad Men, I think. (edit: well scupper. Mad Men is 1960s. shows me to talk of something I've never seen/read of. I think Bettie Page style is from an earlier decade, though. help?) They carry sizes XS up to 4X! Great vibe from all of the young ladies working there, too. It made me think of graverobbergirl's rockabilly crafting blog. Actually, the district made me wish I could go shopping there with all of you I've met through style blogging. :D

  I hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend! What are you up to?
Blazer: Bica Cheia (Crossroads)
Lace-edged cami: Express (old)
Pinstripe skirt: necessary objects (thrifted)
Cropped vest: Toy Box Clothing (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker anti-stress (thrifted, available at Zappos)
Jewelry: locket (very old), earrings (Brasil)


  1. I explored that area when I visited your city a decade ago. I envy your ability to try clothes on (even over or under your street clothes). I don't feel free or comfortable to do that. Glad you had a fun day; our weather was equally wonderful today.

  2. I'm obsessed with those shoes! I wonder if I could stand in them all day. They are perfectly amazing.