Saturday, June 8, 2013

遅い 大掃除 - Late Housecleaning

  My roommate's out of town for five days. The last time he left town, I turned the entire apartment into Aya's Crafting & Cosmetics Emporium. I even rezoned our balcony for small retail. (It sold fog.) It's probably going to happen again.

  Since the semester ended, I have pretty much no sense of time until I start summer school, and it's only through whimsy discipline that I am still on a diurnal schedule. I set aside today to put my apartment back in order. It really needed it; sleep, food, and housekeeping all stopped around my 3rd research paper and 2nd final presentation.

  Today's outfit is for: housecleaning!

  Still love shirt shells, but avoiding long, trailing sleeves since I'm washing dishes and cleaning a gas stove. I think this one looks a little like a yukata. What do you think?  It was overcast today, so I do not know if the photographs picked up the gold threads running vertically through the fabric. I'm really not a floral person, but I was quite taken with this shirt.

  I live most of my life in jeans. I dig skirts and how they dress up an outfit instantly, but to share a bit about myself, I am terrible at being still. I don't sit well for long periods and I don't stand in one place. I spend my time either moving around or lying flat on my back passed out.  Skirts don't mix as well with squatting, sitting splay-legged on the floor, lying upside-down on a chair with my feet on the wall, and all of the other positions I shift between throughout the day.

  What about you? I'd love to hear about how the way you move or what you do affects what you wear.

Shirt shell: Rampage (thrifted)
Undershirt: Express bra cami (old)
Jeans: C'est Toi (thrifted)
Kokeshi necklace: AGATHA Paris (gift)
Shoes: Kelly & Katie Sarabeth flats (thrifted)


  1. It was a toss-up on which I liked more: your pictures or your words. In this post, the words win. Not only do you write entertainingly, you use big vocabulary! I admire that.

    1. Thank you, Ally! I try to watch my writing for signs it's getting too wordy, so it's always nice to get feedback that it's entertaining someone. :D

  2. Love the semi sheer fabric and floral pattern of your top.
    Movement?...hmmmm...something I should be more familiar with. ha

  3. Gorgeous top.

    I've definitely been altering what I wear to reflect my new job. I'm often climbing up on things, getting down in the floor, bending, lifting. So instead of just skirts and dresses, I'm wearing pants more often, adding shorts to shorter dresses, actually bought a pair of leggings, wearing longer skirts too. Definitely been a recent theme change to my clothes because of it.

    1. I used to despise je/leggings until I realized people were just wearing them oh so wrong. They are an awesome tool to add under skirts and dresses.

    2. Yeah, I'm not usually a leggings person, but I am slowly coming around to wearing them. Just NOT as pants. ;P

  4. Love this shirt and the outfit is super cute for housecleaning ~ hope you got everything done that you were hoping to do.

  5. Your top is lovely, really suits you.

    I cannot bear feeling restricted, so won't wear skirts unless there is a lot of movement (short tulip rather than maxi skirts though) and narrow trousers with a bit of stretch so I can move freely. Always flat shoes and boots. Everything soft too, as I actually feel sad when things are scratchy! :-)