Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dressed for cleaning, take 2

  Another day indoors organizing my apartment. I'm trying to finish as much of my spring cleaning as possible before I leave for a week to visit family.

  Does this vest look kind of steampunk-y? This is my first foray into orange territory. I never thought I'd wear anything remotely orange! I feel very adventurous.

  The dress is my favorite color of blue-grey. While I'm still very partial to it, I'm doing my best to add other colors to my daily wear. My wardrobe used to be mostly blue shirts and blue jeans plus running shoes (an example). Totally serious. Even branching out into black, a neutral, was strange for me at first.

  The vest is fake leather, and was very inexpensive. I was surprised considering the unique detailing, the functional (!) buttoned pockets in the front, and the back:

  I guess I should shop at cheap junior clothing stores when they are closing more often!

  I can't think of a terrible/good 'vest' pun, or any other name for this outfit. Suggestions welcome.

Vest: Last Kiss (Styles For Less)
Dress: Old Navy (thrifted)
Leggings: UNIQLO
Boots: Kensiegirl Roper boots (thrifted)


  1. Great colors, stylish pieces. A charming look.

  2. That vest is a great find - I like the color, fit, and those amazing details! Now that I'm 35, I'm starting to feel a little weird (a.k.a. too old to be there) whenever I browse the junior's department, but there are some nice things to be found there, if you're lucky.

    1. I understand the feeling, but I'm poor and I figure maybe no one will notice anyway if I walk around fast with my hair down. :D

      Seriously the other day I was wondering how much of how we judge age is face and how much is demeanor/carriage and clothing style. I am unfairly biased against what I see many young people wearing in my area.

    2. Ooh, I'll have to employ the wear-my-hair-down tip next time I skulk into the junior's department!
      Good point about how we judge age - my husband would tell you that he's tired of hearing me rant about the recent micro-shorts and leggings-as-pants trends!

    3. We'll stop ranting when they stop wearing hideous things that flatter no one!

  3. Oh Gosh, I'm so jealous of your vest it's ridiculous. I've been trying to make a vest for so long but it's really hard to get the fit right! :-) You look very fabulous and definitely an everyday steampunk look.

    1. Ooh, I'd love to hear how it turns out. I can only imagine vests are really tough because they're structured, so you have to get the princess seams and fit just right.

      I don't know if it turns out in the photos, but the fake leather vest has two big pockets where it pops out over my chest. I don't know if the fit model was endowed beyond anyone's business or what, but I could store socks in there. :D

  4. What a great find!! You never know when a gem will show up. I usually prefer real leather, but I thrifted a pleather jacket so nice that people ask me all the time if it's both real and where I got it!

    I really love your color combo too.

  5. You look super cute in this outfit ... The vest looks like another piece in your super hero collection ... perhaps the pockets are meant for all the earth saving equipment a super hero requires to have on hand??