Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Tried another Ye Olde style outfit today. I'm feeling a punk mood coming on, though, so tomorrow I'll probably switch it up. Nm, just got invited Steampunk shopping in the Haight tomorrow.

  I took an H&M plum velour skirt (stretchy with pockets!) and paired it with a lace button down shirt. The shirt is not opaque, so I layered it over one of my ubiquitous lace back racerback tank tops. I thought bare calves might look odd with the skirt, so I wore white side lace leggings under it, and my Naya Lightning boots.

  I really like side lace leggings. It seems like a great way to add a touch of sexiness if you're showing a few inches of leg. Too bad I have only found them sold in the cheapest of junior retail establishments, so garment construction is not stellar.

  This shirt is kind of odd- it came from another cheap junior store and the lacing in the back doesn't make sense. The narrowest part of the "corset" lacing is right under the shoulders. If you've ever tried tightening something around that area, you might notice you have these things called ribs in the way. The lacing ends where my waist begins, so there's no way to take it in around the waist at all. I like it enough to keep it, and one nebulous day when I have money and time I would like to draft a pattern and make a garment like this, only that fits.

  Now, I hear what you're saying. "Aya, this outfit works fine for people who go out and do productive things like work, but what about the everyday student anxiously frittering away the last days of vacation before a summerlong blitz of Chemistry? How could she kick this up into a costume?"  For that I say: ACCESSORIES

  Fascinators got a lot of hate in fashion articles, which is hilarious because it was one of the few times I really liked a trend. I love fascinators. I love hats, and a little fancy hat attached to a headband so for once I don't have to worry about fitting it over my big skull? Delightful!

  With my fancy hat and kid gloves I felt like I could take afternoon tea out on my balcony. I also wore sterling silver & garnet flower earrings, my trusty Express jeweled locket, and a glass bead bracelet.

  Do you find items that fit your fashion tastes or needs in unusual places? Do you find yourself dressing with a theme in mind, or do you assemble outfits in another way?

No profit on links, just love:
Shirt: Amor (similar with sleeves or sleeveless)
Skirt: H&M (thrifted)
Leggings: zenana outfitters (similar)
Boots: Naya Lightning (old)
Fascinator: Cara New York (old)
Jewelry: Express locket, glass bracelet from Paris, old earrings


  1. That shirt is just too amazing. I love it. You look really super cute. :-)

  2. I love fascinators too, ever since I first saw one two years ago.