Saturday, June 15, 2013

Screencap Post 3

  Stress! Sometimes you think you have a respite, but it comes back sooner than you expected. Have some photos and links. (:

The dress I wore in this post is being sold on eBay in size 12.

The same style vest I wore here is sold here and there on eBay:
XXL black
L silver
M black denim floral
M army green
  It looks like the Chinese OEM sells the same vest to a bunch of distributors that slap different brand names on it, then sell them to those cheap junior clothing retailers in strip/ malls the country over.
  I'm watching aliexpress with interest because it's an internet site where people can buy from Chinese sellers overseas instead of through the ones here in malls. I don't know how it does business, because the sheer volume of repeat items and noise to signal ratio is mind-boggling. If you like seeing the commons dilemma in action, saunter on over and try to find this vest. Or try to find anything.

I found an Etsy shop for Japanese punk fashions by a Spanish artist.

  The outfit isn't my style, but I love this headdress. I wonder if its shape is too close to culturally significant turbans for me to pull off or if it would be ok.

Discovered artist Madéleine Flores's tumblr

   Mother of the Bride taffeta gown: The lines of this dress and jacket caught my eye, though I don't know what's matronly about it.

  I'm so tired of strapless everything when it comes to nicer dresses. I love Michelle Rodriguez forever for this.


  1. I'd wear that taffeta gown and not just to a wedding. :)

  2. LOL! That comic. That's me in a thrift store.

  3. Great comic! :) I took a quick look at aliexpress and was both amazed and bewildered. The vendors' varying facility with English makes it even more fun to search, I think ...