Thursday, June 13, 2013

The OzzC

  Southern Californiaaaaa. My dear friends Cathy and M. here are ensuring that I eat my way from one end of Orange County to the other. What one loses to stress, one can gain back in Japanese fried chicken.

  I brought the most basic of Aya basics on the trip because it's just a week, but I do get a big ol' sartorial bonus: my mom brought home OzzOn (website down for maintenance. not helpful, guys!) clothes from Japan for me!

  Here are the website photos of the jacket and camisole I wanted:

  Here I am after reassuring my family I would have come to visit them even if I wasn't picking up the sweetest of sweet fashions from Japan:

Still seeking camisole. Will not rest until it is found.

  Last year my friend Athena (the first person I'd ever seen who dresses like me) introduced me to this brand when she sported a rockin' grey coat to summer school. I loved the look, but they only ship within Japan, and when I went on my trip in winter, the items I wanted were gone.

  Last month when I was taking a break from stressing out studying, I found the jacket I'd desired on their discount website for ~75% off. Two days after that, I found a dress I'd been looking for used on a Japanese auction site. Best sartorial birthday ever! Well, maybe tied with the Karen Millen jacket birthday. But maybe still the best.


  The brand has so much detail in its clothing. The zippers are matte black. The little buttons have raised dragons on them that match the collar embroidery. There's extra stitching at the elbow to help the jacket crimp where you bend your arm. The only pity's the jacket is a summer lightweight piece, not lined and padded like I'd expected for San Francisco life.

  Here is regular me without the jacket. Note the absence of cool mystique aura. The tank top is actually a yoga shirt. I was big into wearing exercise clothes that looked like regular clothes for years. I could have a t-shirt that reads 'Ask me about my Asian-themed sportswear collection.'

  I think this is the first outfit I've worn on the blog that has no thrifted items. I should have pointed this out to my family. They might have been excited, since normally my thrifting habits garner gentle exhales and whatever the subtle Japanese equivalent of eye-rolling is.

  My OzzOn dress is going to be featured tomorrow. :D (Spoiler: it's fabulous and makes me excited.) Does your family travel and bring cool things back? What was/is your favorite birthday gift?

Tank top: Roots (old)
Jeans: 7 for all mankind dojo style (gift)


  1. Exquisite jackets - the details are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your dress. :)
    Sadly, I don't have a globe-trotting family (pretty sure that trips to Vegas don't count).
    I would love to visit Japan someday - I always thought it would be the first country I'd visit, but somehow I ended up seeing New Zealand and India first!

  2. Wow, you really have great taste. You find interesting stuff.

    My favorite thing bought while traveling is a red and white striped jacket from Lansky Bros. when I was in Memphis. It has a real Fifties vibe.

  3. Gorgeous jacket ... good luck with hunting down the camisole. Looking forward to seeing our dress.