Friday, June 14, 2013

The OzzC 2

  Ok, same routine as before. Here is the website photo:

 Here I am after traipsing about Santa Ana all day in it:

  The dress is from the Ozz Oneste line, while the jacket yesterday is Ozz Croce. OzzOn Japan makes four lines of clothing- Oneste is urbanized/punk Asian, Croce is goth/punk, Ozz Angelo is Victorian/Lolita, and there's a Rozen Kavalier line that is... extremely floral? I'd hoped to have links to each section of the website, but it is still down.

  The color turned out darker than I'd thought from the photo, navy rather than medium blue, and this makes me like it even more. My family says it looks like a martial arts dress. I take it to mean it is attractively tough. Toughly attractive?

  It's stretchy and extremely comfortable. The only problem is the asymmetrical zipper doesn't shut all the way down the pleated silver hem, so there's a bit of a thigh slit, and as the skirt is loose, that opening can shift around. I shopped my mom's closet and wore a skirt under it today, and will probably use a pair of black or navy shorts in the future.

 I've never owned anything like this before. Right now I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life, though I'm sure the novelty will wear off with time. Does it look like a costume rather than everyday wear? What do you do to dress up or dress down an item and make it work for everyday use?

  Would anyone be interested in me putting up more photos on my hard drive of OzzOn Japan website photos?


  1. You look amazing! I love your blog, and the fact that you are blogging.

    I have a question.

    I drool over frog closures and love silk brocades with cranes and bamboo. But I feel weird wearing them, and have, even before I learned what cultural appropriation was and why white people are pretty all-around terrible.

    Do you have feelings about white people in Asian or Asian-inspired clothes?

    1. Ooh, cool question. I've discussed culturally inspired fashions versus fashions ripped off from cultures with friends before, and the power dynamics and history associated with it.

      Short answer: I have no problem with it.

      Would you mind if I wrote a post about it? And if you don't mind, do have a blog or website you would like me to link to?

    2. I would love to read a post about it. That would be awesome.

  2. Rock on, sister! I love this look.

  3. I think the arm warmers push it a little outside the "everyday" style, in my opinion. But rock it how you like it! That's the important bit.

  4. Gorgeous! It does look like a martial arts dress - which is a very good thing. :) I love the little details like the decorative seaming/piping and arm-warmer embellishment.

  5. The dress is fantastic, I love all the details.