Sunday, June 2, 2013

Screencap Post 2

  Yay, I've been blogging for a month now!

  Just a quick post to say thanks to both of you guys for reading, and that it's been a blast.

  Here are some screencaps from the week:

We're currently the only couturgatory out there :D

Sal of Already Pretty asked the hardest question of all time.
  I think there's a blog post in here. I might spend an hour photographing The Apartment That Thrifting Built.

I think this is from
 I approve of any style that weaves a fabric shield between me and the San Francisco winds.

  Ulyana Sergeenko: I love this silhouette. I want to recreate it.
  If anyone has tips for how to look for Victorian/Edwardian inspired fashion without encountering  a jabillion "steampunk" items with sheet metal gears glued on, please let me know.

 Bow & Arrow puff sleeved button-up: I think this is what I wanted for my Everyday Steampunk outfit a few weeks ago.  Too bad even used it is 30 beans.

  I was poking around eBay for cropped/half blazer vest things (what on earth do you call something like this?) and discovered designer Louis Verdad. From what I've seen, his clothes have awesome small details and classical silhouettes. I'll be keeping an eye on items of his that turn up on eBay for inspiration.

  I think these are adorable. They are also maternity leggings. Probably going to buy a pair, anyway. The model is 5'4"! I may not have to chop 6 inches of fabric off the bottoms. It's very exciting.

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  1. I think I need to print the directions on how to wrap a scarf ... we are in winter here in South Africa and that looks like a really nice way to wear a scarf. Your blog is really lovely.