Friday, May 31, 2013

Style Imitating Art: Illumination

  There is sunlight today, so I got to try Salazar and Jess's Style Imitating Art! (I've been looking forward to this for weeks.) Their blogs are Animated Cardigan and 14 Shades of Grey, respectively. Thanks to Gracey from Fashion for Giants for posting about it.

  Each week a piece of art is selected, and participants can send in photos of ensembles inspired by the artwork. Salazar and Jess post them up on their blogs.  This week's inspiration is Colette Calascione's "Illumination" :

  Spring seems to traditionally be about florals, something I have traditionally not worn. I have plenty of things with flowers on them though, which is pretty much the same thing, right?  I love the color range used here so much. I don't like bright colors (... or prints. or patterns. or symmetry.) for some reason, and the level of saturation and brightness in the painting felt so on for my wardrobe.

  I also liked the way the painting had her makeup done, because it's pretty similar to how I do mine every day. I tried to replicate it with Wamiles pearl pink base color, and The Body Shop's pressed face powder, brown eyeliner, & lipstick #22 (Garnet). I tried to part my hair in the middle too, but it was having none of that.

  It's strange; I do not like white clothing except when it's sunny out, and then all I want to do is wear floaty white skirts and shirts. It's not in the nude, but I think it's a spiritual equivalent- I love it when I can wear light, flowing clothes and feel the breeze against my skin. Rare occasion indeed in Daly City!

  I wore my favorite long summer skirt and a shirt I've had for years but never worn. It was $4 and it made me feel like a fairy princess (bought it!) but is transparent at the midriff (can't wear it outside!) I got up the guts to wear it out to take photos though, because hey, the painting gal ain't worried, and she's nude. I'm thinking I will make a separate colored layer to wear under it that will help highlight the lace and subtle sequins. Both items have flowers in the fabric design.

  I'm wearing one of my favorite necklaces again, a bead and flower confection from Printemps in Tokyo. Wearing it always brings back memories. The earrings are a new thrift find from last weekend. I'm excited at how well they matched the floral arrangements flanking the model's head.

  This was really fun. Thanks to Salazar and Jess for coming up with this idea and to Gracey for introducing it to me; I had a blast participating, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's styles June 3rd!

P.S. If anyone's wondering what my process is for earrings, it's cleaning with Claire's antiseptic, followed by distilled vinegar if I want to polish the metal, followed by alcohol. No ear poisoning so far! *crosses fingers*

Shirt: True Light U.S.A. (thrifted)
Skirt: KOMMOTiON NY (eBay)
Necklace: unknown (Printemps, Tokyo)
Earrings: unknown (thrifted)
Rings: unknown (gold flowers-Brasil, lab emerald-gift)
Shoes: Rieker antistress (thrifted)


  1. Beautiful. Gorgeous inspiration and gorgeous interpretation. I love that you didn't wear floral but still kept the spirit of the piece.

  2. Gorgeous outfit and an interesting interpretation of the picture.