Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sun Francisco

  This morning I woke up, checked the weather report, and jumped out of bed singing "High of 91 today, high of 91 today, high of 91 today!"
  Today is the warmest day we've had all year, and I got to pull my summer clothes out of the closet. (And then I took a lined trench coat to school as a precaution, because campus is on the windiest, foggiest hilltop in SF.)

  The rare summery day here is like a festival.

  I really love this drapey vest/cardigan thingy. It has a racerback cut in the back done in lace. I get to wear it a few times a year when it is warm enough that I won't curl up and die of exposure.

  Couldn't get the color balance quite right, but this is a dusty rose colored scrunchee my mother bought for me from Japan.

  I had chem lab today, so I wore close-toed shoes. They may have made me look like a nursing student.

Hello Kitty socks

  Underneath, I wore celebratory socks.

Tokyo Printemps necklace

  This is one of my favorite necklaces. My mom likes to go to Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo, and look at things in store windows that cost more than my tuition. I tell her I am not comfortable in stores where if I sneeze on something I could end up in debtor's prison, but she says I am silly.

  I found a Printemps in Ginza: a French department store in downtown Tokyo. I fell in love with this necklace and it was on sale for ~$40. I love having a rainbow of beads and flowers on a gold chain around my neck. Wearing them with the pearls on this tank top makes me feel like I have a casket of jewels on my chest.

  Today was a gift, even the hours I spent in chem lab calculating the mineral content of water.

Necklace - (Printemps, Japan) 
Tank - Bow & Arrow (Buffalo Exchange)
Skirt - Odille (eBay)
Drapey vest - Poof Apparel (Styles for Less)


  1. I found your blog through Shybiker and this morning (it is morning her in South Africa) I decided to go back to the beginning of your blog and start reading ... LOVE the socks!

    I am so inquisitive ... What are you studying? And why did you go back to school full time? What did you do before you went back to school?

    1. I went back to school full time after the economy here tanked and I had been looking for work. I worked as customer support in online gaming, and the only job I found was over an hour commute each way for not enough money to live on. I am studying kinesiology (human movement) and trying to get into graduate school for neuroscience.