Thursday, May 9, 2013

Skirting Those Mom Issues

  It was still reasonably balmy yesterday when I wore this outfit: overcast and foggy, but no damp gusty winds. Yay!

  This Hikari skirt is made up of panels that run from the upper left to the lower right. It was originally too large (found in a thrift store), but I took it home, picked the stitches out, removed a panel, and sewed the two edges back together. I still have the removed panel, which I want to make a pattern of some day.

  I adore the grommets, the deliberate parallel loose threads, the cutaways over patches, and how the stretch denim gives it a flattering booty fit up at the top. My love for this skirt was cemented forever when I wore it visiting my mother and she let out an exclamation of dismay as dramatic and as gentle as only a woman from Japan can. "No! ... noooo. This skirt looks homeless! Please. Please!" (I haven't worn it in front of her since, to spare her the distress.)

  For all my love, I have difficulty figuring out what to wear with the skirt -- it is a greyish-green that actually matches my car (!) but most of my wardrobe is grey and blue.  Blue doesn't seem right, and grey would put me into Desaturated Santa territory.

    I'd love to hear any ideas, because the only picture I could find for it was when CEIBAsf used to carry it:

I'm not so sure it goes with the 70s disco dots or the shirt that looks like a spinal column and ribs

  Anyway, for lack of anything else in my wardrobe, I wore it with an off-white burnout shirt with flutter sleeves, layered over a black stretchy shirt with flutter sleeves.

  And since flutter sleeves always make me feel fancy and fairy-ish, I added this fairy-in-a-bottle necklace I bought years ago from Etsy:

The key to nerdy jewelry is to stay subtle. Which is definitely what nerds are known for.

Skirt: Hikari (thrifted)
White shirt: MNG basics (thrifted)
Black under shirt: Derek Heart (thrifted)
Belt: Nine West (thrifted)
Necklace: Etsy (The Thorn & Rose - on vacation since Sept. 2012)


  1. The way you styled that skirt is PERFECT!!! You should be the model for it!

    I love your fairy in a bottle necklace ~ you have very interesting pieces in your collection.

  2. How about your greenish tee with the gold foil printing and black flowers? Would pick up the color of the grommets. Something black. Or (gasp) rose pink.

    Very cute style. Reminds me of boro -- Japanese traditional patching technique where frayed edges are left exposed.

    1. Ooh, what excellent ideas! In fact, maybe I can try it with the BCBG corset top I wore recently. Thank you, and thank you for the education about boro. I have to go look that up. (The skirt is also Japanese, but that didn't seem to sell my mother on it any more. Hah!) :D