Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pyramid Gams

  You know that boxy-top-skinny-pants look? I believe (with no evidence) this look was pioneered by hung over celebrities because large shirts don't require much coordination and bug-eye sunglasses cover dark under-eye circles.

  Gals at my school favor puddle-shaped, dolman-sleeved, burnout jersey affairs with giant keyhole openings (do those look good on anybody? please educate me if you have evidence they do.) and little flat slippers, and this look makes my inner 'slobby' light go all blinky.

Does anybody else think of this when seeing those shirts?

  My unreasonable dislike was heightened for years by the complete inability to find Pants That Fit, due a long trend of skinny jeans and my superpowered kicking legs. Skinny pants are not what you wear when you have SKLs. You don't want to wear anything that shows your lower body is twin upside-down pyramids dramatically sloping to your relatively delicate ankles.

  I firmly believe people of all heights and sizes can flatter their cool and unique features with different clothing styles and cuts.  I also believe my legs and skinny ankle pants are a death match I could sell a lot of tickets for*.

  Now that I write this out, I realize why I have an averse reaction to this style: it can turn your entire body into a squat, upside-down pyramid, starting with making your torso look huge and ending with your wee ankles and your feet in their tiny scraps of cloth. It looks slouchy chic for those who are tall with long skinny limbs, and needs to be deployed with extreme caution for those who are not.

  However, Gracey over at Fashion for Giants regularly rocks a skinny jeans and loose shirt look, proving that you can proportion reasonable looseness with fitted pants and look lovely (and proving a bright smile is the perfect accessory to any outfit.) I've decided to try my take on the look: boots instead of slippers, and a loose shirt instead of saggy-puddle-shirt

  Also, I will take any opportunity I can to wear these Naya boots. I love how they look so much.

  Right now my camera is propped on a cushion balanced between my sofa and the coffee table, which is why I have no head. Enjoy it while you can, because I've ordered a small tripod and this might improve in the future. Key word: might.

  What do you think? Slobbiness successfully warded off? Or are the tendrils of puddle-y trend sagginess still clinging to my thighs?

*  The profit is actually in the refreshments- I would sell kettle corn, cider, and strong tea.

Shirt: Gap Maternity (thrifted)
Underlayer tank top: Zara (thrifted)
Skinny jeans: cheap junior clothing store
Boots: Naya Lightning (old)

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  1. It is interesting to hear your describe your body and then I look at the photo of you and you look great. LOVE those boots.