Friday, May 3, 2013

A Dressing Down

  Last month my adviser at Uni took great pains to tell me several times the huge disadvantage I was facing applying to graduate school (I am a returning student who took a lot of prerequisites at the local community college, which has been awesome to me.) There was useful advice in there, but the vibe I got was 'don't bother, try paying for a masters degree out of pocket with all that money you don't have, then maaaaaaaybe.'

  Last month I also broke my $40/month budget for clothes. COINCIDENCE?

  I found this cool Ann Taylor pantsuit on sale for $25 at Black Pyramid, an online shop for vintage clothing.  The 80s and 90s count as vintage now! That's right, the clothes of my youth are now considered old, which by definition (or the transitive property) makes me old.

  Anyway, I loved the look of it.  The Asian style (henceforth referred as AZN) velvet long vest with frog knot fasteners? The long drapey trousers to which I could add elastic and make KUNGFU harem pants?  Yes!

  It arrived today and I am excited. "Pantsuit" means one piece, apparently, but it will not be difficult to cut the stitching that holds them together and make them separate items.

  And then I had a dream featuring Ken Watanabe as a helicopter pilot, and the forecast today is warm, gorgeous weather, so things are turning out all right.

  Ken Watanabe can fix anything.

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  1. Uh oh .... my son just told me that in Inception these guys break into your dreams and steal information ... what did you tell him??? LOL!!!