Monday, May 6, 2013

Zero-Point Fashion

  I was up all night working on a research paper, and today it feels like someone took my face off, put it on a counter, and ran toy Tonka trucks back and forth over it before reattaching it.

  Therefore today I am wearing the lowest-effort things possible: jeans, a cotton shirt, and sneakers.  No makeup at all. I think of this as my zero-point of fashion*- clothes I put on to go outside that take the least time and thought possible. This will of course be different for everyone. For some, it might be sweatpants. Others might have a zero-point at slacks and a collared shirt.

If you spend more time, energy, and money getting dressed and manage to underachieve your zero-point look, you have failed at outfit. (It's okay. We've all done it.)

  This drab grey tee is extra-special, though. It came from Japan! I found it in a thrift shop (called recycle shops over there) for about $2. It has 'FROWERZ' printed on the front, no doubt the work of some savvy quirky Japanese clothing company. So it's a meta Japanese shirt poking fun at Engrish- misspellings and nonsensical English phrases on Japanese clothing. It has fake retro fading, and it was also thrifted. This makes it the most hipster item I have and will ever own. It would be a serious contender for most hipster item of all time, but there is no plaid on it.

Engrish frowerz

  What is your zero-point outfit and what are the circumstances in which you wear it?

*  I can't claim credit for this; my friend was explaining the concept of zero-point to me the other day, using a $2 bottle of Charles Shaw as the example for wine.


  1. Zero-point outfit, interesting, I have never heard this term. Mine is definitely jeans, a T-shirt from J. Crew, and a cardigan from them as well. It's my uniform really, I wear it on the school run to drop off and pick up kids from school. I'm thrilled you are joining Adrienne and me for the next "How I Wear My" post!

  2. Not being a fashionista in the least I have never heart the term 'zero point outfit' but it would have to be my sweat pants and a t-shirt and them super ugly crocs with no make up (which is a scary sight!!!).

  3. Haha!
    Warm weather: Mexican huipil, plastic Chinese sandals
    Cool weather: XL band tee and "lounge pants" (as we call them at work), oversized sweater draped over shoulders, clogs