Saturday, May 25, 2013

Androgynot Outfit

  I'm calling this outfit Androgynot. I think I was thinking 'newsboy' when putting this together, even before I added the flat cap.

See? I look just like him.

   I like a lot of elements of classic men's fashion like vests and hats, but I'm afraid I'd make a goofy-looking boy. Somehow this is not as okay in my mind as being a goofy-looking woman.

  With that in mind, I wore a puffy white shirt with eyelets and ribbons along with a necklace. And because an outfit without blue is like a night without a security blanket, I wore ankle jeans instead of trousers. I was going for a slightly highwater look to go with the boots.

  I'm wondering if I should switch the top elements of this outfit around. Would it look more on if I wore a bigger vest and a smaller tailored shirt? Should I just invest in a pair of highwater pinstripe pants or does that tip this over into 'costume' territory?

The surfing Sharka sells the vintage look.

  I've been meaning to show my purse in the last few posts but kept taking it off and leaving it with the tripod without thinking. This is the Poppie Jones mini crossbody bag. I like small bags because I want my arms and hands unhobbled. I love how it's simple and has enough classical-looking elements and neat hardware that it fits in to my kind-of-ren-faire-or-something aesthetic.

  This bag however, is made for a giantess. Seriously. Know how many new holes I had to punch into the strap so I could buckle it to hang handily at my hip? Six. Six. You can see what looks like half a belt swinging above the purse. That's how much I shortened the strap by.

  Lastly the Takeo Kikuchi flat cap is another one of my treasures from Japan. It's tan corduroy with panels of traditional Japanese patterns. Yes folks, thrifting in other countries can be just as awesome as it is here.

  I'm off to visit family for the weekend, so there probably won't be much interesting outfit experimenting on the road. Maybe I'll post some rants articles I've been thinking about, instead. Have a lovely weekend, all. :D

Flat cap: Takeo Kikuchi (thrifted, Japan)
Shirt: per una (thrifted)
Vest: Heritage 1981 (thrifted)
Jeans: UNIQLO (Japan)
Necklace: unknown (France, old)
Purse: Poppie Jones (DSW)
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)


  1. Love this outfit ... You certainly do not look like a goofy boy!!!!

  2. Sharka sighting! :) I haven't seen one of those in a while!
    I really like this menswear-inspired look on you. I'm attracted to the menswear aesthetic but haven't figured out how to incorporate it into my daily style. Do you read Alterations Needed (great petite resource, too) and Faintly Masculine? They have a menswear-inspired aesthetic. :)
    p.s. - Found you via Ally's post! Adding you to my bloglovin feed.

    1. Thank you! I'm going to check out Faintly Masculine right now. San Francisco has such a great collection of thrift stores- I've found a number of menswear-inspired ladyvests there, which got me started experimenting.

      I have been to Alterations Needed a few times, I think. I did have a good laugh the first time (not at the blogger, though!) because she has a good stock list of things one does to elongate a short body, and I break *all of them.*

      It's lovely to meet you! I can't wait to check out your blog.

  3. Aya - personal style trumps all "rules." I read over and over again that petites look best in small prints, but I've found that I love a great splashy print. If I feel good in it, I wear it. :)