Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Great Indoors

  My tripod arrived! I've been struggling with lighting issues in my apartment (13W fluorescents do not flattering self-photos make) so I tried a page from Stef's book (her blog Diversions is an introvert's wonderland of beautiful small details, gorgeous colors, and artistic photography books) and went out for a little walk in my neighborhood.

  My neighborhood isn't very dangerous, but it's not well-kept. There's a lot of abandoned furniture dumped into empty lots and on street corners, overgrown weeds around dark concrete apartment buildings, and that sort of thing. I tried to find some greenery, set up the tripod, and give outdoor shots a go:

Settings on my camera make quite the difference
Self-conscious, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. :D

  I've also started reading up on tutorials on how to clean up images. (Stef's got some tutorials on her blog here.)

  This is a layered outfit because the weather has been much more typical of San Francisco spring this week:

It's been this and a 25 mph headwind

  After I took a few photos, I fled inside to take close-ups:

  The sweatshirt body panels have been sewn inside-out. It makes the design stamped on it very subtle and faded on the front, and more saturated on the sleeve. It's a gorgeous print of ginkgo leaves, orchids, coral(?), tentacles(!) and some random Victorian keys.

I don't understand either, but I really like it.

  Under it, I wore a racerback tank top that is solid in front and lace in back. I love these as underlayers because you can see lace peeking out above anything scoop-necked, which I hope is sexy but not trashy. Unfortunately it seems they've gone out of style, because I can no longer find them anywhere.

It's the Japanese version of cleavage. Raceyback!

  I've decided I don't like the trousers I bought to wear as leggings as trousers. They are definitely going under dresses and getting tucked into boots in the future.

  P.S. Check out this fellow playing with his frisbee in a 20mph headwind: (warning, windy camera sounds)

Sweatshirt: UO (thrifted)
Underlayer tank: cheap junior shop
Trouser-leggings as trousers: cheap junior shop
Coat: H&M (old)

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  1. Perhaps you should give Rudi Guiliani and call and ask him to do a New York clean up in your neighbourhood.

    I adore that sweatshirt ... the print on it is so pretty. Now that is something I would buy ... if it was long enough to cover my bum.