Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mirror Up to Nature

  I was explaining the Asian lady sun-visor-and-driving-gloves thing (an overwhelming fear of the sun Asian women develop around middle age) to my British friend this morning, and when I did a Google image search to find a picture for him, MY OWN PICTURE TURNED UP.

  It's happening to me already. I'm feeling my forehead suspiciously, looking for the beginnings of a sun visor growing out of there like horns.

  Go on, Google one of your own fashion concerns and see if your face stares back at you from the results. I'll wait here.


  1. Now really!!!! How close are you to middle age???

    1. Haha, I have a several years to go, but I'm noticing a fear of the sun blossoming with each passing year already. (My mother is aghast I don't plaster on sunscreen every day, even while I am indoors to protect myself from ambient light from the windows.)

    2. I agree that you need to be careful of the sun as the damage later in life is very difficult to change. Although I don't wear sunscreen I do stay out of the sun (and I am officially middle aged!).