Sunday, May 19, 2013

Casual Sun Days

  Learning about lighting is still a work in progress! It was a gorgeous day outside so in between studying and cleaning my kitchen, I stepped out for some pictures.

  I thought this getup might be too casual to photograph, but when I added the black sandals (Laura by Fitzwell), it felt like the outfit upgraded from tank top & denim to something with a skirt and ladyshoes.

  I was sold on this shirt when I saw the shredded blue overlayer in the back.

  I read somewhere that broad-shouldered women aren't supposed to wear racerbacks because it makes their shoulders appear bigger. I say it makes broad shoulders look more athletic and awesome.

   This bracelet has two spots you can snap it closed, giving me a rare chance to wear a bracelet that doesn't fall over my hands.

Never take me seriously. I don't.

  I often debate the appropriateness of short skirts to myself, in the context of age and superpowered kicking thighs, but on the rare day the sun is shining, I never think straight: I put on the shortest thing in my closet and go running outside to maximize vitamin D synthesis.

Wide shoe review!

  These sandals by Fitzwell are marked extra wide, but Fitzwell's extra wide sole is only the width of Naya's width C soles, so beware. From my experience in wide shoe land, Fitzwell "extra wide" definitely feels more like C rather than EE width. My toes are a little crowded, but since this is an open sandal, it's not bad.

  I really like the simple lines of the sandal and the platform. I'm a sucker for platform shoes, but I really don't like the pointy stiletto heel with jellybean front look. The front of the Laura sandal is slanted so you can rock onto the front of your foot to push off and take a step, instead of stumping around on wooden triangle stilts like many wedge sandals I see.

  The sandals have elastic in the front so your foot can get in and out without yanking on the leather, which brings me to my complaint about these: the elastic stretches while walking, and the leather and elastic catch a little patch on the top of my foot with each step. If I walk a few blocks, the area becomes red and loses some skin.

  I threaded a strip of black t-shirt hem through the leather loop and fixed it in place with a dot of Elmer's glue on each side. So far, so good! If you want to read more janky shoe fixes, I'll have an update on my rock shoe-stretcher later this week.

Skirt: London Jean (thrifted)
Shirt: misope (cheap junior store)
Sandals: Laura by Fitzwell (, old)
Bracelet: Foreign Exchange (old)

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  1. OMGoodness!!! That top looks perfect on you! My opinion is rules are made by someone else for themselves so you wear what works for you and ignore the "rules"!!!