Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In which Aya has no idea what she is doing

  I wasn't at all sure about this, but I'm running out of clean clothes, it's still sorta sunny today, and so I said "___ it. I'm going to ___ing wear this." I said it with the underscores and everything. That is the kind of semester it has been.

  I like very feminine elements and punk/goth elements in my clothes, but don't feel comfortable going to extremes or making a full outfit out of either. I think it implies an attitude or a persona that is not me. Mixing them, on the other hand, shows that I don't take myself seriously or I have no idea what I am doing, both of which are much more accurate.

  I started with the blue frock because it's sort of sunny out, and because pockets. This thing gets wear maybe once a year because of prevailing weather patterns, and I may have to donate it because it's so impractical for where I live, so why miss an opportunity? Also did I mention pockets? They're right under the empire waist ribbon. They make me look kind of pregnant, but I don't care because it's a place to put my keys and ID.

  The trouble started because it's quite short. And while I said modesty goes flying out the door with sunny weather, today's a little more overcast and, like the weather, the clouds of my self-doubt something something bad analogy.

  What on earth do you wear under a dress? Out of desperation I pulled my bandage/criss-cross leggings out because I like them and they are awesome.

  And then, because there's a very strong breeze and some clouds, I pulled my Victorian blazer by Guess from the closet. This is what Sally of Already Pretty calls a 'closet orphan' (I think the term was coined at youlookfab, but I'm using Already Pretty's definition.)

  I love this blazer with all my clotheshorse heart. It's grey zig zag fabric pinstriped in pink. It has a gorgeous pink-salmon-rose lining in satin that peeks through the front panel seams. It's cut high in the back and ruffled with puffy shoulders in a Victorian-inspired cut that makes my body type go 'whee!' and I haven't the foggiest idea how to style it.

  I'm ready to make an outfit from scratch to go around this blazer if I have to. But today I wore it for the first time because.
  Edited to add: someone is selling one on eBay! (size M)
  Edited again to add: I bought it! Now I will have two in case something happens to one. If you are upset and wanted to buy it, let me know.

  My first pair of ladyflats! I think I like them. They are flexible, practical-soled, and pretty. The strap fastens with velcro!

Dress: XOXO (eBay)
Leggings: no brand (eBay)
Blazer: Guess (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker antistress (thrifted)

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  1. I think the length of the dress is perfect for your age. Love your shoes ...